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Dads’ crucial role in Breastfeeding

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Breast milk works like an elixir for a baby because it not only helps babies grow and thrive but also protects them from various infections and illnesses. Earlier, breastfeeding was supposed to be the prime job of a mother. But times have changed, roles have evolved. Now, many dads actively participate in baby care, especially breastfeeding. Yes, you heard it right – dads are now involved in breastfeeding their babies as well.

Dads have a crucial part to play in breastfeeding as raising a healthy baby is a joint responsibility of a mother and a father.

Help your wife breastfeed your baby. But, first, take a look at the benefits when you take part in breastfeeding:

  • When you feed your baby, you are feeding a future superhero – Mom’s milk is the best food a baby can get at least in the initial six months, as it contains all essential nutrients that no formula contains. It helps your baby grow into a superhero who fights illnesses without much effort.
  • You help your partner relax and recover
  • You develop an emotional bond with your baby – While feeding your baby, you get the chance to cuddle and play, which connects you with your baby emotionally.

Breastfeeding is an intuitive process for both baby and the mother. A baby knows how to suck milk, naturally, and a mom’s body knows how to produce milk for her baby. The agony a woman suffers during delivery breaks her physically, but the feeling of motherhood prevails over all agonies. The initial months are pretty critical for breastfeeding, and these are the months when the mother’s body is still healing. In this situation, fathers can play a crucial part in helping the wife breastfeed the newborn.

Here are some ways you can play your part in breastfeeding:

1. Change Diapers

Let your partner focus on breastfeeding, by handling diaper changes. Usually, babies need a diaper change during breastfeeding, and if the mom ha to change diapers as well, then it may keep your baby from being fed. So, take on this responsibility, and change the baby’s diapers, especially when it’s required in the middle of breastfeeding.

2. Be Supportive | Be Attentive

Breastfeeding is not an easy task especially in the initial months because of physical weakness. So, help your partner relax. Help her sit in the proper position, by placing pillows under her lap, back and arms, and ask her if she needs a glass of water.

3. Discuss With Other Fathers

Ask your friends or your neighbors who are already fathers of a newborn, to share their experiences. What did they do to make breastfeeding easier for their partner? Doing so will boost your moral and motivate you to participate actively during breastfeeding.

4. Breastfeed Your Baby with a Bottle

If your baby has become at least four weeks old, you can feed him/her breast milk with the help of bottle (though, consulting a doctor would be better). There may be a situation when the mom is not available for a few hours, in this case, you can give pumped breast milk to your baby.

5. Touch Your Little Champ for Better Bonding

While feeding your baby, make sure you make skin contact to increase familiarity. Cuddle your baby and allow her to take a nap on your shoulder and chest to strengthen the relationship. Doing so will help you get your job done easier while handling babies during feeding.

6. Encourage your partner to Get Help

Encourage your partner to ask for help if she needs it. Do not let her struggle; she needs to rest, and you must help. Therefore, boost her morale by saying that she is a great job. Further, assist her to make things easier while breastfeeding. Help the baby burp after breastfeeding.

7. Educate Yourself About Breastfeeding

Last but definitely the most crucial one, get information from an expert. Attend a prenatal breastfeeding session with your partner. Cloudnine strives to give every baby the best start by educating our mothers about breastfeeding and posture. Our experts conduct training sessions with the aim to spread awareness at our hospitals about breastfeeding. Explore the benefits of breastfeeding. Get aware of the risks associated with not done in the proper manner. Ask questions and clarify your doubts.

Breastfeeding is a commitment you need to fulfill together with your partner. Be a better father by participating in this critical responsibility.

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