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Care Post IVF Transfer

February 8, 2024

Today, IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) is a common treatment for couples suffering from infertility. The success rates of IVF have steadily increased worldwide over the years. Did you know the success of an IVF does not solely depend on the doctor or the fertility clinic? The patient undergoing the treatment also has a set of responsibilities to ensure the IVF is successful.

If you or your loved one is planning for an IVF treatment, here are some important tips for care post-IVF transfer that can help increase the chances of a successful IVF.

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What is an Embryo Transfer?

First, let's understand what an embryo transfer in IVF is. The embryo transfer is the last step in the IVF treatment, where the fertility specialist will transfer the embryo (the fertilised egg, as a result of fusing the female's egg and male's sperm under clinical conditions) back inside the female's uterus. The embryo needs time to attach to the uterine wall for a successful implantation.

Care Post IVF Transfer

It can take up to 2 weeks to confirm pregnancy, after the embryo transfer. In a natural pregnancy, a woman may go about her routine until she confirms her pregnancy and start taking necessary precautions after confirmation. In IVF, the care should start earlier. Taking certain precautions can increase the chances of successful implantation and reduce the risk of the treatment failing.

What to Do After Embryo Transfer in IVF

The following can help increase the chances of your IVF treatment's success:

1. Rest

Soon after the embryo transfer, the doctor will advise bed rest for a while. Once you are back home, it is advisable to rest and stay off your feet as much as possible. Avoiding physically straining activities like running, strenuous exercises, jumping, etc., is very important. If you need to travel to work, try taking a week off to avoid the unnecessary stress of travel and work pressure.

2. Healthy Diet

Ensure you follow a healthy diet. What you eat affects both you and your baby's health. If the embryo transfer is successful, the food you ate since the transfer will contribute to fetal development. Avoiding processed foods and foods high in cholesterol and sugar can help reduce health complications as pregnancy progresses.

3. Hydrate

Fluids are important for cell functioning. Hydrating your cells during this crucial phase will ensure the body functions smoothly. Staying hydrated during this period also ensures the hormones are well-balanced and functioning properly. All these are essential for a successful embryo transfer.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress generally interferes with the hormonal balance in the body. Stress can cause several issues in pregnancy. After you undergo an IVF, it is important to reduce stress as much as possible. It is natural to stress about the outcome of the treatment, but stressing might only reduce the chances instead of helping in any way. Practicing yoga or other relaxation techniques can help you stay calm.

5. Progesterone Supplement

Progesterone is a hormone responsible for thickening the uterine lining for implantation. Taking progesterone supplements can help increase the hormones in the body and lead to the development of thick uterine walls that are suitable for implantation.

What Not to Do After Embryo Transfer in IVF

After you undergo an IVF, it is natural to feel worried. You may want to do many things to help you stay calm. Ensure you don't do the following:

1. Miss Medication

After IVF, the doctor or medical practitioner will give you a list of medicines along with the dosage recommendations. Ensure you do not miss taking any of these medicines at the given time. Some medications are important for IVF to become a success.

2. Strain Physically

It is important to reduce physical strain as much as possible. If you do not have help around and need to do all the household chores and other physical activities, try reducing your workload. Avoiding physical exercises and lifting heavy things for the next few days can reduce the risks of the IVF treatment failing.

3. Sexual Intercourse

Doctors will advise against any sexual activities until the pregnancy test. Sexual activity and orgasms can cause uterine contractions, which are not safe for IVF transfer. Uterine contractions can interfere with the uterine lining and affect the implantation process.

4. Hot Tubs

Avoid hot baths, bathtubs or saunas after an IVF transfer. The heat can increase your body's core temperature and affect implantation. An increase in core body temperature can lead to spontaneous abortions in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

5. Drink or Smoke

Doctors will advise the woman to stay off alcohol and tobacco once the IVF treatment starts. After the embryo transfer, you should completely avoid drinking and smoking as it can not only affect the fetus but can also lead to miscarriage.

When to See the Doctor?

When you undergo an IVF treatment, the doctor will closely monitor you after the embryo transfer. For high-risk cases, you may even get admitted and stay under full observation. If you notice the following after the embryo transfer, it is advisable to meet the doctor without any delay:

  • Severe Cramping – Mild cramps are normal during implantation. However, if the cramps are severe or too painful, consult your doctor.
  • Bleeding or Spotting - Spotting can happen during implantation, but if it continues beyond a couple of days or if you see an increase in the flow, you should consult your doctor immediately.


IVF is a popular fertility treatment. Taking care of yourself before, during, and after the IVF treatment, especially during and after the embryo transfer, is very important. Do not wait for pregnancy confirmation to start taking care of yourself. Get in touch with a well-reputed fertility doctor and fertility centre for the best outcomes.


1. What care should be taken after embryo transfer in IVF?

After IVF transfer, you should ensure you get plenty of rest and do not strain physically. Your body should relax enough to allow implantation. Physical strain and mental stress can interfere with implantations.

2. How many days should you rest after IVF transfer?

The entire process can take about 2 weeks. If your embryo transfer happens on the 3rd day after extraction, the implantation can take about a week. So, it is advisable to rest for 10 days after the egg retrieval.

3. What not to do post-embryo transfer?

After embryo transfer, one should not engage in sexual activities, physically straining activities or eat a lot of processed food.

4. How can I improve my success after embryo transfer?

Taking plenty of rest, avoiding physically straining activities, eating healthy and staying hydrated can help improve your success after embryo transfer.

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