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Be gentle dear, God made your baby with love and care: Safe & gentle ways to hold your newborn

December 3, 2020
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Motherhood is a precious gift you are fortunate to be blessed with. A baby is very delicate and needs proper love, care and protection. Every single thing matters when it comes to taking care of your new one. Many of the new moms have a query regarding how to hold your baby as your baby is too small delicate are very precious to you. Want to consult a specialist in Pune?

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Holding your baby is a delightful thing to do. Many people can hold a baby for hours without stress. There are such soft,  gentle ways to hold your baby.

Few of them are discussed below-

Cradle Hold

This is the most comfortable position used by moms for breastfeeding their babies. Place your baby's head on the crook of one arm and use the second arm to wrap your baby. This position is best when you are talking to your baby. This position is even comfortable for your baby as they tend to sleep well in this position. This position is also very easy for younger kids or sibling to hold a baby.

Belly Hold

This position helps in burping for your baby. You have to place your baby’s chest on one of your forearms and the other arm can be placed on the back of your baby to hold securely. You can also place the chest of your baby across your lap. A variation of this position is to place the supporting hand between the baby's legs for a more secure hold. You can hold your baby in this position as long as your arms are comfortable.

Hip Hold

It’s a great position for your baby and very easy and comfortable. Can be used only when your baby has developed proper head and neck control. You need to just place your baby on one of your hip bones facing outward and wrap your arm of the same side around your baby's waist. Your other arm is free to do any other stuff.

Shoulder Hold

It is a natural and gentle way to hold your baby. You can use this position to make your baby falls asleep. Learn your baby up on a shoulder and wrap your baby’s bottom with the same side arm with the arm of the same side. Then hold his back or neck for support with the other arm. This position allows your baby to hear your heart beating and breathing and baby sleep well in this position.

Few guidelines to hold your baby-

  • You should wash your hands properly before holding your baby.
  • Don't be harsh, be soft and at the same time make sure you secure your baby well when you hold.
  • Avoid holding your baby in a standing position when they are only a month or two.
  • For siblings, the baby should be held in the presence of adults
  • Don't hold your twins together at the same time. Hold one at a time.

Holding a baby comes naturally and is the happiest thing to do.  You might require some gentle corrections for holding your baby safe if you are not familiar with. Even if it looks frightening for the first time to hold a baby but with practice, it becomes second nature. Just make sure your baby and you both are comfortable while holding her.

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