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Are You Ready To ‘Sleep Train’ Your Little One?

December 2, 2023

Having a baby can be quite the life changing experience, right? Their toothless smiles, their adorable babbles, little burps and sneezes - they fill you to the brim with love, don’t they? But then, having a baby also means some serious business, isn’t it? Right from pee, poop and puke all over you, to sometimes not knowing what to do to comfort your little one - it can all get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

And if you are someone who loves your sleep and can feel cranky if you don’t get your eight hours every night, then you might be in for a bumpy ride. Your little ones have little tummies which means they can have only little amounts of food, which they promptly excrete from time to time. This means they will be hungry every few hours, both during the day and at night.

While you might need to make tweaks to your sleep schedule for the first three or four booths of being a new mother, here’s a piece of good news. You could attempt to say goodbye to those midday yawns and the forever sleepy eyes.

Say hello to a few tips and tricks to sleep train your baby so that both you and your baby can cruise through the night in deep sleep.

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What Exactly Is Sleep Training?

Sleep training a baby

Sleep training is when you let your baby slip into sleep mode without you having to feed them, or cuddle with them. Even though initially you might occasionally feed them or help them a little bit, but eventually, the objective of sleep training your babies is for them to be able to fall asleep on their own.

What’s The Right Age To Begin Sleep Training?

Till the age of three months, your baby is still adjusting to several changes. Their sleep pattern, eating and pooping pattern will all undergo many changes. It’ll therefore be a bit tricky to set a routine and be able to follow it. However, from around the fourth month onwards, your baby will begin settling into a routine and this is the age when they will also be able to stay without feeling hungry from slightly longer periods of time. So, fourth to sixth month should be the time when you could ideally begin sleep training your baby.

How Can You Sleep Train Your Baby?

  1. As a new parent, you would be used to running to your baby every time they cry at night, correct? Who knows what it might be - they might be hungry, might have soiled their diapers or might even be in some distress. They are so little that you want to rush to them at the drop of a hat, no matter how deep your sleep was. But, in the first method of sleep training, that is exactly what you must not do. As harsh as it might sound, as long as you know that they are comfortable, full and not in any distress, just let them cry until they fall asleep.
  2. If you are feeling guilty letting your baby cry, which you might feel, maybe give yourself a goal. Let your baby cry for some time, and if they don’t fall asleep within that time period, you could go help them out a little bit. Even when you are with them putting them back to sleep, have a specific time period, and stick to it. Eventually, they get used to the drill and begin falling asleep on their own.
  3. Getting your baby used to a sleeping routine certainly plays a big role in helping them get sleep trained. Watch out for signs that they are sleepy and put them to bed immediately. Keep pacing yourself and get them used to a certain routine that has a feeding, changing, and sleeping pattern. Even though it might take time, they will get used to the routine and will start falling asleep without help pretty much around the same time.

Things To Remember

Sleep training durations and success rates change with every single baby. It’s critical that you be patient while the process takes place. Always remember to feed your baby well and check for any signs of distress. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor in case you feel you need more help.

Sleep training is not an easy process but with time, you will certainly get a hang of it. Just be persistent and before you know it, your baby will be sleeping blissfully through the night!

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