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Are you pregnant? It’s time for some dental chat

Hey, new Moms-to-be! Hope you’re hitting it well! Of course, you are because you all are the best!

Now, ladies, I’m going to be talking about dental care during pregnancy. I hope you like it. Pregnancy is a pretty big and beautiful deal, but what happens between all the mayhem of what should be and what shouldn’t, is that you forget about yourself, dental care is important too.

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I know, hormonal changes during pregnancy make it difficult to care about things which you might not be majorly concerned about, however, please take care of your beautiful teeth, your smile looks gorgeous!

I’m going to let you in with a few tips on dental care while you’re expecting your baby, and following these are really easy:

Arrange your dental care package:

Ladies, it helps to have items organised. This could be a nice craft suggestion while making dental care easier for you. It’s more like decorating your own first-aid box, you had probably made as a child. So, here are a couple of things you’ll need:


  • Toothpaste(A Non-floride, Herbal one should do well, and you’ll like the taste too)
  • Antiseptic mouthwash
  • Toothpowder for teeth whitening (Let it be a non-pungent and mild one, Charcoal could work, this is optional though)

  • Teeth whitening dental strips (Mint flavour is the best, but you can find charcoal as well online, also optional)
  • A tiny bottle of naturally acquired coconut oil (keeping a mouth full of this draws out gems in the mouth, again optional)

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  • Toothbrushes - 1 to use and 3 spare
  • Tongue Cleaners - 1 is ‘nough
  • Dental floss
  • A pack of small disposable wooden spoons to use while measuring and using the coconut oil

Dental care Box:

A box, wooden, metal or even made of cardboard(a good quality box, like a gift box, strong to hold all the contents. Remember, either of the edges of the box need to be blunt. The inside of the box needs to have compartments to organize the products and the objects neatly.

You can avoid a box completely and use transparent storage bags. This will be useful if you plan to travel during your pregnancy.

The next step

Now that you’ve collected all the essentials of your dental care package and organised them carefully. You’ll have your things together at one place to utilize easily.

Be cautious, this might happen, might not, But it’s not you, it's your decreased immunity

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Look, ladies! I get it, morning sickness leaves you in a mess and the thought of using a toothbrush can make you feel terrible. In this case you can use the anticeptic mouthwash. How do you use it? Take less than half a glass of water and add 3 covers full of the mouthwash liquid. Now that the solution is diluted, it’s going to be simple using, avoid gargling, swishing the liquid gently in the mouth and then discarding it will certainly work.

Next is, brush your teeth along the gum line twice a day with a small, soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Floss, at least once a week, of course, when you’re feeling like.

Here’s an important that you’d want to pay attention to:

Ever heard of Pregnancy gingivitis or swollen gums during pregnancy, this happens due to decreased immunity during pregnancy among expecting moms, teeth decaying is another issue that you might go through. But, there’s nothing you wonderful ladies can’t tackle, you agree, right!

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Just keep in touch with our doctor and dentist and religiously follow their advice.

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Stay Blessed, stay happy, ‘cause happy moms are the best!

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