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A Spotlight on the Essentials: Mom and Baby Exercise by Carrie Myers-Smith

December 3, 2020

Motherhood is difficult. Period! Many mothers find themselves thrust at the deep end with few skills on how to manage this new state of affairs. It is important as a new mother that you are able to bond with your child and cater to their every need without acquiring any ‘supernatural powers.’ Mom and Baby Exercise - Carrie Myers-Smith is a course that is recommended for young mothers to help them cope up with various challenges associated with motherhood.

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The Basics

The course is primarily available to healthcare professionals who in turn teach mothers various vital skills. It is clear on its objectives, which include equipping healthcare professionals with an ability to impart various skills to mothers including but not limited to -

  • The guidelines pertaining to infant massage techniques such as massage for the legs, arms, back, tummy, head and face.
  • Overseeing an infant movement program for your baby. This consists of various movements which have to be performed by you and your baby.
  • A variety of ingenious interactive activities that you can do with your baby.
  • Know a variety of exercises that you can perform with your baby.

This course provides invaluable knowledge to mothers and helps establish a bond with their baby, as well as, help their little one grow into a strong and healthy adult. Incorporating your baby into numerous regular exercises can be extremely beneficial for parents. The course also helps mothers to recondition muscles that have become weak from pregnancy. Babies also love to watch their parents work-out.

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Important Notes

  • When playing with your child, include stuff like unbreakable mirrors, crinkly toys, rattles, among others.
  • Keep a bag of balls in the stash of the play stuff.
  • Babies 5-8 months of age get a good exercise when you place them on their tummies and gently elevate their legs making them seek support from the arms.


Exercising, while you are pregnant or just after pregnancy, is wonderful for both you and your little one. Apart from numerous immediate benefits, it also helps you pass on the lasting inheritance of health to your baby.

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