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A Lesson In Air Care: Are ACs Safe for Newborn Babies?

December 3, 2020

Summertime calls for beachside escapades and balcony snoozes, cold-weather vacations and nighttime car cruises. It’s a time for many things, but it’s also a time when, as a new parent, you must be especially sensitive to the impact of the rising temperature on your baby. Spiralling temperatures pose a risk of overheating your baby, in turn, increasing the odds of traumatic conditions like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). An AC can help you maintain a consistently cool space, both indoors and while travelling.

The Wins

Air conditioning can be wonderful in promoting continuous airflow and maintaining a comfortable temperature in a room. Babies are naturally prone to heat stress and dehydration, and a cool environment can form a natural shield against heat-related aggravations and illnesses. It can also soothe a baby and lend to better quality sleep. An ideal temperature range is 22 to 25 degrees.

That being said, it is important to ensure that the vents of your AC are not directly pointed at your infant’s face. This can lead to discomfort and excessive cooling. When positioning your baby’s crib, keep it in a location that is not within direct range of your AC. Also, be aware of the location of vents in places outside of your home; in restaurants, in your car and in others’ homes.

The Warnings

ACs can offer salvation in the summer, but they can also create a teeth-chattering chill zone if left unmonitored. Too low a temperature can trigger hypothermia in babies, so it is important to check your child’s comfort regularly in an air-conditioned environment. Judging your baby’s temperature by gauging the hands or feet, however, may not be the best way.

Instead, paediatricians advise that the best barometer of a child’s comfort is the temperature of his or her neck or chin. A general drawback of air conditioning has also been noted as its propensity to spread germs. It is thought that ACs play a role in contributing to the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

The Ways Out

Of course, you can’t have an AC follow you around when you’re on the move with your child. Hence, you need to be nimble about resorting to quick-fixes and summer hacks to keep your baby cool in warm weather. Pick light, loose-fitting clothes, preferably made of cotton, for your child. Also, if you are in a space without an AC, optimise the use of the fan. A dehumidifier is a good idea to regulate the temperature in an indoor space too. Like with an AC, make sure that your child is not within direct range of a fan’s draught.

This warm weather season, cocoon your baby in clemency with an AC set just right. An easy, breezy environment can be just what the doctor ordered. And this time, you don’t need a prescription to claim it.

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