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5 Important Lessons Every New Dad Must Be Good At

December 3, 2020

Congratulations on your new role as a proud father of a happy baby!

Being a father is the most amazing experience of life. But, occasionally it becomes scary and intimidating. It may be nothing less than a challenge to cope up with the new lifestyle you have to adopt when the tiny Mr. Junior arrives in your family.

Don’t Worry! We have put together some amazing advices that will help you become a great daddy. These advices will definitely help you enjoy the moments of fatherhood.

1. Help your partner with household work and baby care

Teamwork is something that may save you from conflicts during the initial period of parenting. If you think that your wife can handle home and baby both single-handedly, then you are mistaken. Taking care of a baby isn’t an easy task.

So, it’s always better to help out your partner with household tasks and baby care. Quickly learn to change diapers, burp, and calm your crying baby, and show your partner that she can count on you when it comes to baby care. If you find difficulty in helping her with the housework and baby care, coordinate any help. Ask your family members, friends, or neighbors, to help your partner and make sure it is actually helpful.

2. Don’t be a control freak

You need to be more relaxed and calm. You may face situations where you would hardly have any control over. But that won’t make you a failure. For example; at times, there will be situations when your baby will be crying and you would be having no idea about the reason behind the cries. It is a very normal situation and you need not get panicked or try taking charge of the situation. It’s absolutely normal.

3. Stress and Sleep Deprivation

Stress and sleep deprivation are two complications that may knock your door as soon as the baby arrives. The work pressure, financial crisis or relationship can be the reason for your stress, but trust us having babies will complicate the situation, if not dealt smartly. The initial parenting year may gift you sleep deprivation along with the happiness of becoming new parents. The lack of sleep may make you frustrated and hampers your ability to cope with situations. To eliminate these complications, try getting a quick nap when the baby is with mommy or other family members, get yourself involved in exercising, and reduce the outside commitments.

4. Spend quality time with your wife

Once you become parents, your entire focus automatically shifts to the baby, but investing some quality time in your relationship is equally important. Getting some couple time will help you and your partner rebuild intimacy, open communication and re-strengthen your bond and marriage.

5. Celebrate the firsts

It is very important to celebrate the journey of your parenting at each and every moment. Make it a very wonderful and memorable experience. Celebrate every ‘First-Time’ moment of your child’s life- his/her first smile, his/her first step, and his/her first word, etc.

It may be tiring to walk your crying little one for hours in the middle of the night when every other person in the family is asleep. But, aren’t these small and tiring experiences going to build the basis of a very strong dad-baby relationship. So, hang in there! Be a great father to your kid and enjoy the journey of being a daddy.

Wish you a joyful time with your little one. Enjoy parenting!

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