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What to Do in Your Last Trimester?

The long stretch of 9 months journey has begun. After the first six months comes the last trimester, it extends from week 28 to week 40. It is a long time for a pregnant woman. It is during this period that a woman undergoes many body changes that take place to create an ecosystem for life growing inside her.

What are the steps and measures that are needed to be performed and preserved during the last trimester (28-40 weeks)?

The last trimester is important as labor closes in. It is the most vital period when one should be prepared to rush to the hospital anytime and thus should communicate well with the doctor accordingly throughout the whole period.

  • In this particular period, the pregnant prospect needs to be intimated and knowledgeable about any or all kinds of delivery options, for instance, drug-free vaginal delivery, vaginal delivery with pain relief, and caesarean section.
  • A fully packed bag of assortments and utilities need to be kept ready for any case of emergency or labor.
  • Due to the presence of prolactin, the tendency to sleep might even be more significant than what was during the first trimester.
  • Maintaining the diet and taking small meals throughout the day is essential to have a healthy last trimester.
  • Just like the first two trimesters, it is essential to stay away from alcohol intake, smoking and drugs to ensure that the baby remains healthy.
  • Exhaustion is big trouble to a would-be mother. It is advisable to stay away from any physical activity that can result in exhaustion.

  • Special care about stretch marks should be taken. The mother should regularly massage her little bump with lotion or oil.
  • It is necessary for the would-be mother to start shopping for tools and clothing that may be needed during the extended stay at the hospital.
  • It is also essential to know and learn what cord blood storage is and what it pertains to exactly.
  • If the pregnant individual experiences a sudden weight gain of more than five pounds within a week, and if it is accompanied by the swelling of the face and hands, a health care professionals need to be contacted as soon as possible.
  • The prospect can take considerable time to soak her in the bath.
  • Engagements and social appointments can preferably be cancelled if the mother feels that there is a need for rest and sleep.
  • It is very essential to stay hydrated even during this period of pregnancy. As dehydration increases the chances of UTI in the mother posing a lethal risk for both the mother and the baby.
  • Baby movements should be tracked all the time during this period.
  • Kegel exercises should be encouraged as it prepares the pelvic floor and strengthens the muscles preparing the would-be mother for the delivery.
  • Taking a lactation class can help to learn the process of breastfeeding your newborn just after the birth.

  • Past times are essential, and one needs to be prepared to cope with the results of the pregnancy and delivery.
  • Oozing out all the stress and relaxing becomes the priority for the would-be mother to ensure proper health of the baby as well as herself.

The last trimester is that period when you know that your little bundle of joy would soon pop out and change your life most beautifully forever.

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