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Ultrasound was introduced in obstetrics and gynaecology about four decades ago. Since then, its impact has risen so much that it has become rare, even for a low-risk pregnancy not to have at least two scans. It has become pivotal in obstetrics and gynaecology decision-making, and rarely does any doctor decide with just a pelvic exam. If you are pregnant or have been advised to have an ultrasound, here's everything you should know about this diagnostic test.

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What are Obstetrics and Gynaecology?

OB/GYN, Obstetrics, and gynaecology is a speciality in medicine that focuses on pregnancy, childbirth and the female reproductive system. Doctors specialising in this speciality are responsible for diagnosing, treating and managing the many conditions affecting women at various stages of their lives. OB/GYN specialists are also responsible for pregnant women's care, including prenatal, labour, delivery and postnatal care. These physicians may also specialise in gynaecology and treat and manage various issues related to the female reproductive system. Ultrasound is a valuable diagnostic test that specialists use for better outcomes.

What is an Ultrasound Test?

It is a safe, non-invasive and effective medical test done by a professional to view the body's internals and analyse and diagnose the root cause of a problem. High-frequency sound waves map the body organs and show images on a monitor. This test, also called sonography, is researched to be safe for monitoring not only the internal organs but also the fetus, as there is no radiation used to capture images. So that no harm is caused to the fetus or the body tissues by the sound waves, it helps to view various internal organs like the kidneys, bladder, ovaries, gallbladder, eyes, liver, brain, etc. The ultrasound machine transforms the sound waves into pictures, which can be seen on the monitor. Like the amniotic fluid, less dense areas reflect black, while the thicker areas appear greyish. The bone is the whitest image seen on the ultrasound.

It gives detailed information about maternal and fetal anatomy, growth and development. In obstetrics, this effective tool can accurately determine fetal size, gestational age, position and any fetal complications or abnormalities. Ultrasound is not only used to monitor the fetus's well-being but also helps in procedures like fetal blood sampling and amniocentesis.

Benefits of Ultrasound

Ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology offers many benefits.

Ultrasound in Pregnancy

  • This test is conducted in the initial phase of pregnancy to confirm conception or not.
  • Once confirmed, it is again used in the second phase of pregnancy to learn about the baby's development, such as its size, position and any abnormalities. It is also used to determine whether there is a chance of twins or triplets and the due date.
  • It helps to know whether the baby's position is proper or upside down.
  • It can determine if there is an ectopic pregnancy or a silent miscarriage in the initial stages of conception.
  • Anomaly scan is done at 20 weeks of pregnancy to determine if there are congenital disabilities.
  • It evaluates fetal growth and position, as well as examines the placenta, amniotic fluid and cervix in pre-term labour cases.

Ultrasound in Gynaecology

  • It examines the ovaries, tubes, uterus and pelvis.
  • It can determine the cause of abnormal bleeding.
  • It helps to identify the cause of pelvic pain.
  • It diagnoses conditions like ovarian cysts, fibroids and endometrial cancer.
  • It checks if the placement of the IUD is correct.
  • It helps to identify abnormal masses in the ovaries and the uterus.
  • It can check the interior of the uterus through a procedure called Sonohystogram.

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What to Expect at an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound test, which uses sound waves to create images of the body, is a straightforward, painless procedure that does not require an injection or needle. It is one of the least costly imaging tests. This test is safe for both the mother and the fetus as it does not require radiation. It provides a good view of the internals of the womb and does not harm anyone in any way.

On the day of the abdominal scan, you will have to drink ample water, up to 3 litres. It is best not to eat anything just before an abdominal scan. Usually, women wear loose clothes to avoid difficulty during tests. Some centres give gowns to wear during the testing.

To do the imaging, the doctor will ask you to lie on the table and turn sideways to obtain a clear image of the internals. The radiologist will then apply a gel to the abdomen to remove gaps or air bubbles between the skin and the transducer.

The doctor rubs the transducer on the skin in a circular motion until the monitor sees the internal image. The doctor then records the images for further use. If it is an anomaly scan, you may hear the blood flow to the fetus. The exam is over in about 10 minutes.

If you are getting gynaecologic ultrasonography which is a transvaginal ultrasound, there might be some pain when the transducer is inserted into the vagina. After the procedure, you will get the ultrasound images and the test results. After getting the test done, you can do your usual activities.

Limitations of Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound imaging is a valuable tool with many uses in obstetrics and gynaecology. But it also has a few limitations. For instance, ultrasound can detect abnormalities in a fetus, but not all, and there is a risk of false negatives and positives. Plus, the quality of the test results depends on the ultrasound's operator. That means the quality of the images and their interpretations are directly dependent on the skill of the doctor who does it. Further, it is not suited for all patients and is not for those who have bowel gas or are obese.


An ultrasound is a widely used tool for diagnosis in obstetrics and gynaecology. Its importance in pregnancy cannot be overstated, as it provides important information for managing many female health issues. Ultrasound has no risks and is safe and painless.


1. What is the use of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology?

The uses of ultrasound in OB/GYN are to determine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, silent miscarriage, chromosomal abnormalities, fetal position and growth. In gynaecology, it is used to examine a uterus, pelvis, ovaries and tubes, Identify the reasons for abnormal bleeding, causes of pelvic pain, etc.

2. What is the obstetric ultrasound?

Also called prenatal ultrasound, it is a medical imaging technique used to view the fetus and monitor the pregnancy's progress. High-frequency sound waves are used to create images of the body's internals.

3. What is the gynaecological use of ultrasound?

It evaluates the pelvis, ovaries, uterus and tubes and identifies masses like ovarian cysts and fibroids. Ultrasound is also used to check if the IUD is placed correctly.

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