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Treat Heavy Bleeding & Get Your Life Back

December 3, 2020

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Woman holding her abdomen with pain

Woman holding her abdomen with pain[/caption]Women go through a lot of blood loss during their periods, however, when they lose more blood than is bearable life becomes a mess. Periods already is a difficult task to handle but adding to the problems heavy bleeding comes in as a complete disaster. Endometrial ablation can help in resolving that however, only if a gynaecologist recommends that procedure can someone go for it.To Visit: Best Gynecologist in Chennai

What is a normal menstrual cycle?

  • Periods start during puberty and stop after menopause
  • It’s a way for a woman’s body to let her know that her system is functioning correctly
  • The cycle is controlled by hormones
  • Oestrogen and Progesterone are the most important hormones
  • A proper balance of the hormones helps in the formation and shedding of the endometrium lining every month
  • Is there a normal menstrual cycle?

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  • There is no such thing as a normal menstrual cycle
  • The process is slightly different for everyone
  • A menstrual cycle consists of a 28-35 day long process
  • Menstruation itself about three to six days
  • If the cycle has a lot of impact on a woman’s everyday life, she must act upon

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Regular Periods

Regular Periods[/caption]

Heavy periods or menorrhagia

Heavy periods are also known as menorrhagia. Heavy periods are one of the most common gynaecological complaints and issues.

There are a few symptoms concerning heavy periods:

  • Bleed is for longer than seven days
  • Sanitary pads are changed more frequently than every four hours
  • Both tampons, as well as a sanitary pad, is used to prevent leakage
  • Experiencing pain that hampers everyday life
  • One feels physically unwell

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Women suffering from stomach pain

Women suffering from stomach pain[/caption]

How to tackle heavy bleeding?

  • Drinking lots of fluids, especially water
  • Utilizing vitamins
  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Avoiding eating fruits, vegetables and seeds which increase blood loss

When to visit the Gynecologist?

There is no correct or wrong time to visit a gynaecologist. The woman, above all, knows when things are not going right in her body. Whenever she feels uneasy she should visit her doctor.To Know More: Period Patterns