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Treat Heavy Bleeding & Get Your Life Back

December 3, 2020

Women go through a lot of blood loss during their periods, however, when they lose more blood than is bearable life becomes a mess. Periods already is a difficult task to handle but adding to the problems heavy bleeding comes in as a complete disaster. Endometrial ablation can help in resolving that however, only if a gynaecologist recommends that procedure can someone go for it.

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What is a normal menstrual cycle?

  • Periods start during puberty and stop after menopause
  • It’s a way for a woman’s body to let her know that her system is functioning correctly
  • The cycle is controlled by hormones
  • Oestrogen and Progesterone are the most important hormones
  • A proper balance of the hormones helps in the formation and shedding of the endometrium lining every month
  • Is there a normal menstrual cycle?

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  • There is no such thing as a normal menstrual cycle
  • The process is slightly different for everyone
  • A menstrual cycle consists of a 28-35 day long process
  • Menstruation itself about three to six days
  • If the cycle has a lot of impact on a woman’s everyday life, she must act upon

Heavy periods or menorrhagia

Heavy periods are also known as menorrhagia. Heavy periods are one of the most common gynaecological complaints and issues.

There are a few symptoms concerning heavy periods:

  • Bleed is for longer than seven days
  • Sanitary pads are changed more frequently than every four hours
  • Both tampons, as well as a sanitary pad, is used to prevent leakage
  • Experiencing pain that hampers everyday life
  • One feels physically unwell

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How to tackle heavy bleeding?

  • Drinking lots of fluids, especially water
  • Utilizing vitamins
  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Avoiding eating fruits, vegetables and seeds which increase blood loss

When to visit the Gynecologist?

There is no correct or wrong time to visit a gynaecologist. The woman, above all, knows when things are not going right in her body. Whenever she feels uneasy she should visit her doctor.

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