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Tinkling Troubles: Managing Urinary Tract Infection

December 3, 2020

Urinary tract infection can feel like the blazing sun rising in reverse, searing through your legs , straight into your soul. If you’ve had it, you know.

The truth is, as a woman, the odds of developing urinary tract infection (UTI) are rather high; there is evidence to suggest that the risk is as high as 50%, with a portion of women even experiencing repeated episodes of the condition, often for extended periods each time.

Whether you’re a veteran or a novice in the experience that is UTI, here are some tips to sail you through the condition, should you ever develop it.

Understanding Urinary Tract Infection

UTI is spurred by the invasion of bacteria into the urethra. Since the urethra, the narrow canal that carries urine out from the bladder, is situated so close to the rectum, there’s a likelihood that bacteria from the anus may escape inside it. From there, if these bacteria decide to take a merry holiday, they may spread to the bladder and even further to the kidneys, if left untreated. This in turn, can give rise to more severe conditions like cystits.

Women with shorter urethras may be more susceptible to UTI, because bacteria will have a shorter distance to cover before reaching essential organs including the bladder. Aside from poor hygiene, sexual intercourse could also serve as a trigger for UTI.

Causes of UTI

The bacteria responsible for causing urine infection in women could originate from any of the sources mentioned below:

- Sexual intercourse

- Diabetes

- Poor hygiene

- Inadequate evacuation of bladder

- Bowel or urinary incontinence

- Blocked urethra

- Constipation

- Pregnancy

- Menopause

- Application of spermicides and tampons

Symptoms of UTI

UTI can manifest as one or more of the symptoms listed below:

- A burning pain during urination

- Frequent urges to urinate

- Pain or strain on the back or lower abdomen

- Deep-tinged, bloody or milky urine

- Fatigue

- Fever or chills

Treatment of UTI

If you’ve experienced shades of UTI, schedule an appointment with a doctor to seek a diagnosis and begin treatment as early as possible. By opting for early intervention, you can arrest the spread of the condition and safeguard your health.

You can also try the following home fixes:

- Augment your daily water consumption

- Eat foods with vitamin C; this can make your urine acidic, in turn killing bacteria

- Apply a heating pad to your pubic area

- Avoid caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, nicotine, aerated drinks and artificial sweeteners; these could irritate the bladder

- Empty your bladder regularly, even if it’s just a little urine at a time

- Pick Ayurvedic foods for your plate; curd, amla, cinnamon, coriander, elaichi, sonth and guggul are historically known to curb the symptoms of UTI

Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor may recommend supplementary medication and may design a specialised treatment plan for you in line with your medical history. UTI doesn’t have to stand in the way of your daily life or activities. It is a condition that can be managed, treated and prevented with effective hygiene and lifestyle measures.

If you’ve been struggling with the condition, book an appointment with a gynaecologist on Cloudnine to learn how you can quell it permanently. With a well-crafted treatment plan, you can finally extinguish the fiery sunrise flaring in your belly.

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