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This World Autism Awareness month, let's shed some light on the condition called Autism!

December 3, 2020
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Autism is medically known as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Children and people with autism may not be able to communicate or might have problems at remembering things or they even might have problems in learning and acquiring skills evenly. However, none of this means that they’re not capable of living happily.

People with autism are very artistic and full of beautiful images, they look at the world from a different angle. They are blessed with that which all of us lack, an innocent heart and thoughts like that of a child’s. They flourish in love and have the ability to spread the same love without conditions.

Autism is not contagious, but my smile is.” - said a lovely child with this condition

They create a whole gigantic universe within themselves with their imagination, without letting it be corrupted. They are deep and understand feelings.  I’ve had the fortune of meeting such children and all I received from them was love. They don’t reciprocate like others, they like to corner themselves when someone new comes or they get scared and excited and scream, all of this is to protect what they hold dear. I realised that if they like you, you must be a joyful soul.

They will not let you cuddle with them,  even if they welcome you in their comfort zone, but have their own ways of expressing joy.

I once met a little girl influenced by this disorder and she seemed extremely excited. Although she couldn’t communicate, she couldn’t form words but after she befriended me she showed her love and excitement by gifting me a flower and running around, out of excitement everywhere. She cried and screamed when it was my time to leave. Seeing the kid cry broke my heart, I had no option but to leave though. Autism doesn’t have a cure but regular diagnose and treatment may aid such children in adjusting in the world.

The one thing we have to do when we meet with such amazing human beings is that we should give up all our worldly exterior, which makes us feel that we’re smart or intelligent and that ego which never lets us think the end of our superficial accomplishments.

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No, we are not smart! Our contribution to the world is nothing but hatred, greed and dissatisfaction. But when we give up that exterior we become like children, giving love to all.

A child’s face emits peace and joy. People under the influence of autism may not be peaceful because they don’t really know what occurred and why they’re not like others, but they still always have that innocent beauty within them and they welcome people in their capacity only when they feel that they will be loved.

You cannot make them your friend unless they decide to make you their friends. Being worldly-wise, social and popular is of absolutely no consequence when meeting with these lovely people and this is the truth!

This world autism awareness day, I wish for all of us to know that there are so many who need special attention and we have a duty to elevate them because they are our people!

“When enough people care about autism or diabetes or global warming, it helps everyone, even if only a tiny fraction actively participate.”-Seth Godin

2nd of April is recognized as the World Autism Awareness Day, declared by the United Nations general assembly resolution “62/139.Individual autism organizations all around the world join hands on this day to aid in diagnoses, treatment, research, and acceptance for those affected by this developmental disorder with respect towards them, keeping their dignity and uplifting their spirits.

Symptoms of autism might start showing in a kid after or around 3 years of age

The reason behind the occurrence of autism isn’t clear. However, people show some signs from birth which may fall under the category of symptoms.

These may include:

  • High sensitivity to sounds, touches, smells, or sights that seem ordinary to other people
  • Not looking at or listening to other people
  • Not looking at things when another person points at them
  • A lack of eye contact
  • A narrow range of interests or intense interest in certain topics
  • Doing something over and over, like repeating words or phrases, rocking back and forth, or flipping a lever

  • Not wanting to be held or cuddled
  • Talking in a sing-song, flat, or robotic voice
  • Trouble adapting to changes in routine
  • Problems understanding or using speech, gestures, facial expressions, or tone of voice.

Seizures may occur too for some children although they might start in their adolescence.

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Ways to get this disorder in control

In case you feel the slightest chance that your kid is exhibiting symptoms visit a specialist. It probably is nothing at all, but do that just to be sure.

  • Autism can be treated by Cord Blood Stem Cells, consulting a specialist in this case as early as possible turns out to be very useful
  • Showing support towards people with this condition
  • As we know autistic people are highly artistic and so their art is a language with which they communicate. Encouragement goes a long way, so look for ways of encouraging such children and people
  • If anything, please see such people and children as fresh and full of new ideas, display your affection by doing something they like
  • Give them their space
  • Try to gently talk with them, let them share their story with you
  • They are creators, your appreciation towards them and their creation helps form a strong bond between you and them

  • Do not try to teach them how to think, let them learn and hear them out, give your feedback but don’t impose it upon them.
  • Enjoy their free spirit, participate in what makes them happy
  • Shower them with love, but don’t cling on to them

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“When a family focuses on ability instead of the disability, all things are possible…Love and acceptance is key. We need to interact with those with autism by taking an interest in their interests.” – Amanda Rae Ross

We on Cloudnine, wish to bring awareness regarding this condition. Amidst the current situation lets not forget that there are people with such developmental blockages and we as a society have a responsibility to care for them.

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