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Cryonine on Cloudnine: Life-Saving Stem Cell Banking in India

The umbilical cord is a harbour of miracles, both during and after pregnancy. Stem cell banking harnesses the potency of the umbilical cord through a unique preservation system that stores your baby’s cord cells to offer tremendous healing benefits for over 80 life-threatening diseases. Cryonine on Cloudnine is a world-class stem cell banking service, enabled by Cryoviva, that provides a superlative ecosystem for end-to-end stem cell preservation. Cryonine allows immediate access during times of need.

What Is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking refers to the process of collecting and storing blood from inside the umbilical cord immediately after the birth of a baby. This blood is then processed to extract precious, life-saving stem cells, stored in optimal conditions for future use.

Why Store Stem Cells?

Stem cell preservation can serve as an essential shield against a plethora of life-threatening diseases. This is because blood hosted within the umbilical cord holds a remarkable number of blood-forming stem cells, which can offer therapeutic and healing benefits against over 80 fatal diseases, to not just your baby, but also close family members. In particular, stem cells are powerful in treating diseases requiring stem cell transplants, such as leukaemia, lymphoma, aplastic anaemia, severe sickle disease and severe combined immunodeficiency.

What Are the Steps Involved in Stem Cell Banking?

Step 1. Clamping and Cutting
The umbilical cord is cut and clamped.

Step 2. Cord Blood Is Collected
Cord blood is collected by inserting a fine needle inside the cord vein.

Step 3. Cord Blood Is Securely Packed
The blood is drained and secured into a blood bag. It is then transferred to a lab within 24 hours.

Step 4. Sample Quality Is Evaluated
A series of tests are performed to check the quality and integrity of the sample.

Step 5. Stem Cells Are Extracted
Cord blood is sieved by patented technologies to yield the maximum number of stem cells.

Step 6. Stem Cells Are Stored
The filtered stem cells are stored at -196°C for up to 21 years.

What Are the Benefits of Cryonine on Cloudnine?

Enabled by Cryoviva
Cryonine is enabled by Cryoviva, whose global footprint across Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh and East Africa makes it the only Indian stem cell bank on international shores.

International Standards
Our processing and storage technology is state-of-the-art and internationally acclaimed. Additionally, our technology is accredited by AABB and holds a bouquet of other renowned global certifications.

‘Closed Bag’ Policy
Our ‘Closed Bag’ collection method for harvesting stem cells dramatically minimises the risk of contamination.

Unlimited Withdrawal Policy
Our unlimited withdrawal policy ensures that there is no restriction on the number of times family members can access stem cells.

Zero Cost of Withdrawal
There is no additional cost attached to the withdrawal of stem cells; the initial payment towards banking your baby’s stem cells at birth is the only cost you will incur.

Immediate Availability
Immediate availability of stem cells means that you are never dependent on a donor in the event of a transplant.

What Services Does Cryonine on Cloudnine Offer?

  • Qualified counsellors to give the right information
  • Specimen collections done by trained paramedics
  • 24×7 specimen collection and processing
  • Dual storage facility for added safety
  • Free worldwide shipment during transplant
  • Full refund if stem cells are released to other members
  • Free stem cell expansion as advised by physician
  • Comprehensive lab reports
  • Cryonine special programmes
  • Quality assurance programme
  • Client care programme
  • Disaster relief programme
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What Support Does Cryonine on Cloudnine Extend?

Collection Kit
A collection kit is sent to your doorstep, right after enrolment.

Sample Collection
The planning and collection of your baby’s umbilical cord blood is organised beforehand by Cryonine.

Safe transportation of your sample to our lab is facilitated by our logistics partner.

Testing & Processing
Your samples are tested and processed by specialists in our lab.

Extracted stem cells are preserved and a certificate is dispatched to you.

How Do I Get Started With Cryonine on Cloudnine?

Step 1. Enrol
Sign up and inform your doctor.

Step 2. Get Your Kit
Wait for your collection kit to reach you.

Step 3. Call Us
Call us to schedule your tentative sample collection, based on your expected delivery date.

Step 4. Carry the Kit
Remember to carry your kit to Cloudnine during your delivery.

Step 5. Hand Over the Kit
Give the kit to your Cloudnine CRE to begin the collection process.

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Stem Cell Banking Service
With unique and highly advanced storage technology, you can have bio-insurance for the life of your newborn baby with Cloudnine’s Stem cell banking facility. You get only one opportunity to collect cord blood stem cells. At Cloudnine, stem cells from the umbilical cord blood are preserved without exposing to external environment condition. When choosing stem cell preservation rely only on the best stem cell banking hospital in India to do it right.

Benefits of Cryonine
Cord blood stem cells can be transformed into any tissue in your body. This unique characteristic gives it the potential to treat various life-threatening diseases. Some of the most common cancers are treatable with an umbilical cord blood transplant. The benefits of stem cells are still being explored further. Potential stem cell functions & ability to treat even more diseases are being explored by the medical science world.