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Things you should know about infants' sleeping positions

A baby brings joy, happiness and excitement to you and your family. Babies need proper care along with love and affection. Baby is a big responsibility and you need to be concerned about everything regarding your baby. Babies are growing every second and proper sleep for them is a must. Babies sleep 18 to 20 hours during their initial stage of life. Sleeping postures of babies are a matter of concern. It is very important that they get enough sleep for their growth and development.

A mom should know how safe their baby’s sleeping position is. Certain sleeping position of babies can lead to death due to suffocation. This is known as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Around 80% of sudden and unexpected deaths of babies is due to SIDS. It’s important to know the proper sleep position to prevent SIDS.

Here are good and bad baby sleeping postures

  1. sleep on the back

Doctors recommend the supine position in an effective way to prevent supine position a healthy baby, less than a year is made to sleep on its back. This position was labelled the best sleeping posture for babies by the US National Institute of Child Health. Risks of sleeping in the supine position-This position often leads to “positional plagiocephaly” that is flattening of head and brachycephaly that is the flattening of the back of the skull. These conditions rarely require any treatment as it will come back to normal as your baby turns one year.

  1. sleep on stomach

Sleep on the stomach is also known as the prone position. Several theories suggest this position not to be safe for your baby. It could restrict breathing and reduces airway due to the pressure developed on the jaws.

-In this position, the baby may be lying with his face very close to the sheet breathing the same air.

-The baby may suffocate in this position when sleeping in a very soft mattress.

-Any microbes present in the mattress can be inhaled by the baby in a prone position.

Cases  where baby can sleep on his stomach There are few medical conditions where it is advised that the baby should sleep on her stomach by the doctors. Babies suffering from severe gastroesophageal reflux or malformation like Pierre Robbabies syndrome leading to airway obstruction are advised by some doctors to sleep in a prone position.

This position helps the baby in relieving gas from its body.

  1. Sleep on the side

Sleeping on the side is not a safe position for baby to sleep. Baby sleeping in this position can end up on their tummy which increases the risk of SIDS.

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Tips for a safe baby sleep Here are a few tips for your baby to have a safe sleep

-Avoid loose bedding

Use a firm mattress instead of a soft one. Do not use a water bed or sofa for your baby. Avoid placing pillows or soft toys around your baby, as it causes suffocation to them. Make sure nothing covers your baby’s head.

- Avoid overheating

Make sure your baby wears light clothes while sleeping. Don’t over bundle your baby with blankets. Check the temperature of your baby.

- Proper sleep environment

Create a cool atmosphere for the baby to sleep. The temperature of the room should be around 20 degree Celsius for babies to have a safe and sound sleep.

- Share same room

Don’t let your baby sleep alone. Parents should share the same room with the baby. It is convenient for mothers to breastfeed when your baby sleeps with you.

Make sure your baby’s sleeping posture is safe and he is having enough sleep. Do consult a doctor if you have any query regarding your little one. Keep you and your baby is fine and healthy.

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