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The Story Of Baby Dhruv

December 3, 2020

Baby Dhruv

The name “Dhruv” also refers to “determination” in India. This is the story of little Dhruv as seen in the picture with a radiant smile, all of three months old as on December 2012.

Baby Dhruv had a couple of complications when he was born but he managed to get out of those life-threatening consequences with the help of the Cloudnine team.

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According to Sriramanan, Dhruv’s dad, his first baby was diagnosed with a condition that required surgery for Esophageal atresia with a tracheoesophageal fistula on day2 of his life. In common terms, this meant his food pipe and windpipe were not functioning well and required immediate attention.

Sriramanan, a Financial controller in Bangalore was like every other would-be-parent –in bliss to embrace parenthood.

Shilpa his wife towards the end of the term had come to consult her Obstetrician, Dr Jyothsna Madan for a routine check-up & was informed that she was already dilating & had to be admitted immediately for delivery. Quite unprepared Sriramanan and Shilpa came back to gear up for the ‘arrival of the little one’.

Soon when the water broke, the doctor could figure out in her tests that the heartbeat of the baby was coming down and required immediate intervention to get the delivery done. Within minutes Sriramanan says Dr Jyothsna Madan was in the Operation Theatre with her team and it looked like the entire team at Cloudnine OT was facing anxious moments. The baby was out within 20 minutes but the story did not end there.

As Sriramanan was anxious, panicky he got to know that the baby is turning blue. The Nursing team and duty doctors informed Sriramanan that a Senior Paediatric Surgeon would talk to him soon as the baby is diagnosed with Esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula and the baby was immediately admitted to NICU.

Sriramanan says he was in a kind of daze and when he spoke to Dr Anand Alladi, Paediatric Surgeon at Cloudnine he decided without asking his relatives, friends, parents to go ahead with the decision of surgery as he trusted the doctor. He is quick to mention that there was hardly any time for him to take opinions or do anything else but decided with surgery in the best interest of saving his baby.

On the second day of his life, Baby Dhruv underwent the surgery and soon got back again to NICU for close to 10 days. But his condition began to improve as each day progressed and now Sriramanan is hoping that Dhruv is normal and he is waiting when Dhruv can begin on solids without any further complications.

Sriramanan has a word of caution to all parents that they need not depend on search engines too much and it is perhaps better to trust the doctor if your instinctive feeling or gut feeling says so as he feels search engines do not have all the answers and they cannot rely for every answer or at least every medical answer.

Cloudnine wishes Baby Dhruv all the very best!

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