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The joy of being mom

December 3, 2020

'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world'; Read on my story of experiencing motherhood. I am glad that I was born women and by God's grace have experienced the beautiful gift of nature- being a mother. I believe every mother contributes to creating members to the society, thereby being the cause for its wellness.

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My journey of motherhood starts from Oct 18th 2013, when I got the news that I was pregnant. I was really overwhelmed that the result was positive. I told to my family and everyone was very happy for us. I was very nervous at that time, as to what the future had in store for me. Well, it was a journey of suffering, patience, pain, joy and triumph.

Starting 3 to 4 months consisted of me vomiting continuously. I was vomiting after every food I ate and at a gap of every 3 hours, as little as a glass of juice didn't stay in my stomach. It started with vomiting in morning hours, popularly called the morning sickness. It continued throughout the day. I remember, me spending Diwali holidays without eating a single sweet, wherein my family was eating sweets, mocking in front of me :) The statement from Royal family of England, Prince Charles, came in at the same time-" I wonder as to why its called 'morning sickness'. My wife suffered it throughout the day". I was indeed sailing in the same boat, only that my feelings hadn't made it to the papers.

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Then, there was also this nausea, where the nose becomes hypersensitive to all kinds of smell. I could smell every minute of odors and felt like vomiting- be it my kitchen sink, wash basin or the bathroom. I couldn't cook in the kitchen, which so fondly I was doing until then. At this phase, my husband indulged in all household chores. He used to do tasks ranging from serving me milk at my bed, preparing breakfast, cleaning the kitchen at night, doing the laundry etc. Husbands really change after wives get pregnant. Caring love really starts showing up, leaving wive to wonder, was it the same person with whom I was leaving until then! There was an instance, wherein he had cleaned my vomit because I was so weak after vomiting. I felt so helpless and wept profusely. Only each other's support helped us to get through this difficult phase. Its indeed difficult to take care of the pregnant wife. He would also tolerate my mood swings and tantrums!!

At the office, I used to be very tired. I could complete my daily tasks with great difficulty. Unfortunately, workload remains the same for a pregnant employee in the corporate world. She is also expected to prove through appraisal cycles like everyone else. I worked throughout the day until evenings hours and took calls after returning home.

Then, came in a time where I used to crave for eating food all the time. I used to dream of my favourite snack all the time. The thought of food was the best thing in my life. It was like a fantasy. I was grateful to everybody who fulfilled that! I followed a good diet consisting of various fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, tender coconut, barley water and others.

At 7th month, I had to attend my PA interview in Chennai for my US Visa. I went along with my husband. I am grateful for my company for arranging for my safe travel and accommodation. It was followed by a baby shower ceremony by my family which was great fun. (Our society really pampers a pregnant woman !!!)

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Then last 2 months I was at home on leave. I bet, you won't get such a wonderful time again in your life. I used to watch movies every day. My mother used to cook my favourite dishes daily. Really awesome.

Then, the long wait ended as I delivered my bundle of joy on June 4th 2014 through a c- section operation.

I would like to share a few words about my doctor and Cloud Nine hospitals. My doctor Sudhamathy Kannan- was like a friend, a philosopher and guide to me. As a friend, she used to provide me comfort, laugh about my silly fears and listen to me patiently. As a philosopher, she taught me good things of life, making sacrifices to my baby in the same way as my mother did to me. As a guide, she answered all my queries without being annoyed, guided me through this difficult phase and imbibed courage in me. She is a very good person at heart and a very good doctor by profession. I am very thankful to her for helping me to pass through this difficult phase.

Cloudnine hospitals are the best place in Bangalore that you can be for this stage. I was really impressed by their slogans like- Pregnancy is not a disease, its a state of the body. The Antenatal classes- was very educative and prepared me to expect the signs of labor pain. They value each and every patient who goes in and they say each life is precious for them. I participated in a Fashion show at Cloudnine Carnival for Mothers day and had great fun. During my hospital stay, I had special care given by nutritionist- who helped me to maintain my diet & weight post pregnancy. And physiotherapist, who helped me to have a flexible body as I had before. Believe me, many of my friends complain of somebody pain or the other after delivery. I am very proud to say I had NONE. This is all because of cloudnine team, whose effort helped me to regain the same state as I was before and gave me a second life.


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