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The Breastfeeding Superpower: How Breastfeeding Can Help Soothe C-Section Pain

September 23, 2017 in About Pregnancy, Health
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How breastfeeding can help soothe C-section pain

Cinemas aren’t the only place you’ll find Wonder Woman this time of year. Stop and look around, and it’s likely that you’ll spot her in wonder mommas around you. Wonder Woman’s superpowers brim from these mommas’ gentle smiles, the cradle of their arms, and the milk in their bosoms as they feed their little babies.

These new mommas’ bosoms house a universe of magic, nourishing their babies and themselves equally. As their babies draw nutrients, their own bodies wash away the last remnants of childbirth. If you haven’t already been acquainted with a fantastic superpower called breastfeeding, there’s no better time than now. Here, have a seat.

Breastfeeding, The World’s Best Superpower

If there were a contest for the world’s best superpower, breastfeeding would win hands down, no questions asked. From promoting infant brain development to bolstering the mommy-baby bond, it presents several benefits for both mommy and baby. And if those weren’t enough, a new research shows that breastfeeding could help shrink the healing process that usually follows a C-section.

Study: Breastfeeding as a C-Section Pain Reliever

A study conducted at the Nuestra Señora de Valme in Spain evaluated 185 mommas who had undergone C-sections between January 2015 and December 2016. These new mothers were individually asked about their breastfeeding cycles in the days following childbirth, and the corresponding pain levels at 24 hours, 72 hours and four months after surgery. The study considered ancillary factors that could have also contributed to pain, such as stress levels, occupational triggers and surgical procedures paired with the central C-section routine.

Findings: Breastfeeding as a C-Section Pain Reliever

What makes the finding on breastfeeding as a pain relief measure even more amazing is the degree to which it holds true. Frame it against a larger picture and you’ll see why there’s merit. The research conducted at Nuestra Señora de Valme shows that only 8% of new mommies who breastfed for more than two months experienced a slight pain near the C-section incision, whereas 23% of new mommies who nursed for two months or less experienced a similar pain.

Ease Your C-Section Pain Through Breastfeeding

In most reputed hospitals, adequate measures are taken to ensure that the pain you experience post a C-section is minimised as far as possible. On Cloudnine, our C-section procedures are performed by expert obstetricians who follow international protocols geared towards pain relief. As far as breastfeeding goes, our world-class lactation programmes have you covered well into your early days as a new mommy. Our skilfully sourced panel of lactation specialists have years of rich experience counselling new mothers through good breastfeeding practices. If you have been advised a C-section by your gynaecologist, make sure that you visit a lactation specialist on Cloudnine to learn nursing techniques that will hold you in good stead.

Breastfeeding Positions After a C-Section

Nursing your baby after a C-section can often be challenging. After all, your body is still recovering from a major surgical operation. Your lactation specialist on Cloudnine will guide you through effective breastfeeding positions following a C-section. Here are a few positions she may suggest:

Side-Lying Position

This has you lying on your side, with your baby facing you. This will likely be your go-to position in the first few days after your baby’s birth.

Football Hold

A football hold has you sitting up, with your baby’s head pointed at one breast, and her body laid across the corresponding arm. This protects your belly from being pressured and lets your incision heal well.

Crossover Hold

Lay your baby horizontally across a pillow placed on your lap, and you’ve got a crossover hold.

On Cloudnine, we encourage our mommas to channel their inner Wonder Woman when it comes to breastfeeding their little ones. By breastfeeding right, you can heal yourself and nourish your baby, all at once. Visit us on Cloudnine to discover your superpower.

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