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Story of Vijayalakshmi

December 3, 2020

Vijaylakshmi is from Kolar and her husband does business here. She went to her hometown Kolar for her delivery. But a few days after birth, her son had severe chest congestion and he could not breathe properly. She and her husband got worried and didn’t know what to do. She contacted her friend, Sister Camillas, who suggested that they admit the baby to the hospital immediately.

Once they reached the Cloudnine Malleshwaram facility, the baby was admitted to the NICU and treated for 15 days. She says, “The anxiety with which we entered the hospital dissipated as soon as the treatment started and we interacted with Dr. Kishore Yerur and Dr Shekar. They are both so very confident and informative! We are still consulting with Dr Shekar and he’s like an angel to our family. We will be ever so grateful to Cloudnine and its doctors and staff, all of whom helped us get our baby back in good health".

Our best wishes for good health and happiness to her little one!

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