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Story of Praveen Kumar

We had one of the Best Experience of Birthing.

Pediatric experience was just Amazing. Doctors diagnosed one of the rare Heart issues to our baby in less than 30 minutes which helped cardiac experts to start right treatment. Post 2 days of management with Cloud nine recommendation, we had to move to another hospital for surgery.

The Best Pediatrician In Mumbai.

Available Today1Thanks a lot for taking care for those 3 critical days. Cloud nine staff support, Doctors expertise and amazing coordination with other hospital and logistical support helped our baby to be healthy and our little one today is with us. Thanks again for bringing right experts and recommending great doctors for Open heart surgery on 4 days old baby. For young, first time parents like us every right suggestion was golden words during our difficult time. Cloud Nine, You did just that in right way. Thanks for all the support. All staffing nurse and accounts department helped us to move to diff hospital in the right time.


Thanks a ton!

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