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Story of Nilima

December 3, 2020

My journey of motherhood started on the day I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time, from that day I started tuning my life to invite this huge responsibility of parenting.

Every kick in my womb made my journey faster. I started understanding my baby’s liking's from the time I was pregnant. I saw my baby yawning in anomaly scan, and I played that video many times to enjoy those beautiful moments. I used to visualize what my baby would be doing in womb every time.

The day I had labor pain it was for the first time I was happy with pain and was excited that my nine month old wait will be fruitful. I felt that I am full mother when I heard my baby cry and I cradled my small prince to feed, this huge responsibility and sleepless nights made me stressful but even that stress did not decrease my energy levels, my child was fueling me with energy every time. I started recording every new acts of my baby with dates. Everything in my life has become exciting with my little prince and now all my efforts are towards making my child a perfect person.

Thanks and Regards,