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Resources For Expecting Moms In Chennai

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is a time of many changes and challenges, physical discomforts leading to inevitable stress more than ever, affecting not only your body but relationships too. The physical and a few emotional needs which surface, can be catered, to aide you in sailing through those nine months. So whether it is looking for an apt Gynaecologist, Prenatal classes, Yoga, Entertainment or Shopping (groceries/ personal) all during pregnancy seem like an additional burden. To ease you of the stress, help you enjoy the journey and transformation- following is a list of resources that pregnant women in Chennai can look out for-

Services needed during pregnancy-

Your preferred gynaecologist close to your home in Chennai.

It goes without saying that the moment you are confirmed positive of your pregnancy, you have to settle on for a gynaecologist to choose one from the list of all that your family, friends or your colleagues may give to you. Here’s to all the pregnant women in Chennai to choose one of your choice from amongst the highly recommended by many like you. Good luck !

  • Prenatal Classes:

are a huge trend these days, where you will be guided about every step and specific requirements, dos and don'ts about pregnancy. Prenatal or antenatal classes have a lot to teach you. You can enrol yourself during the second trimester of your pregnancy as that is the time when you need maximum training on preparing yourself for delivery. They teach you about all the discourses pertaining to pregnancy and post delivery.

Cloudnine antenatal classes- These are expert guided and very informative.

  • A Yoga centre :

or a gym for regular pregnancy exercises. In corollary to the above mentioned classes, a yoga centre will also be able to help you with many exercises that can be done under a gym instructor, more carefully and with prudence.

  • Cloudnine Yoga Classes
  • A Chemist store :

close to your place with home delivery services. Your doctor has prescribed you medicines that need urgent intake and otherwise also a chemist shop which can do home delivery can be a helpful resource.

  • A Grocery/ Departmental :

store with a home delivery facility if possible, since having to shop for groceries within half a mile from your place is a very cool hangout for a small yet important visit especially for the pregnant you and if it can help you out with home delivery, it’s going to be a win-win situation for both them and you.

  • A Store :

that caters to shopping for pregnant women with maternity clothes and even for the newborn. You already have a lot to ponder upon and in the middle of all this you need to shop for yourself and prepare for the newcomer in your life becomes a mammoth task. All you need is a one stop shop for all your maternity shopping.

  • Emotional and financial support :

The emotional and of course financial support of your family members and their presence is quintessential. The most important person around you would be your husband, mother, mother-in-law, etc. but there are some other essential people and things that may or may not be counted as essential according to your choice and requirement, if found around you, can be of great help.

  • Someone with a firsthand experience :

That person could well be your mother, mother -in-law, your elder sister or perhaps a friend who has already experienced this stage.

  • A helper :

One person to be around you, to aide you in chores for e.g. with picking stuff and keeping them at places, wherever you are not allowed to sit and stand and specially bend. This purpose could also well be served with the presence of any paid or voluntary services.

  • Conveyance at every hour :

Husbands have to specially take care of their wives in pregnancy during second and third trimesters especially since the belly bump becomes significant hence, special care is needed. If your pregnant wife is supposed to get out of the house due to any reason, you will have to make sure that they always have a conveyance that you can afford. Could be the personal vehicle or hired transport like a cab or something that is under your budget since the trips might be frequent

Free Pregnancy Counselling

General resources that support you in many ways-

Things that can prove to be super essential when even the medicines can’t even support you enough to feel the comfort you need during pregnancy:-

  • A room freshener :

for the extra freshness that you may like or a specific smell that you may want to sense all the time in your room. Your favourite scent could alleviate the dullness around you since pregnancy blues brings a lot of dullness as well. So a bottle of your favourite scent be closest to you to feel fresh at the time when u are feeling nauseous or just depressed or dull.

  • Music system :

like an MP3 player or an iPod and TV to uplift your mood at all distressed time. Dealing with the pregnancy blues is essential, so this can be an aid for this. You can find these gadgets easily online with best deals, for purchase.

  • Pregnancy books and magazines :

like ‘Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy’ and classics like ‘ What to expect when you're expecting’ that you can easily find online or you could also search stores like

  • Immunity building :

practices like chyavanprash, etc. not to mention, at your doctor’s prescription.

  • Home remedies or ayurvedic :

preparations to avoid cold and cough like medicinal poly herbal tea called Joshanda and Liquorice known as Mulethi, etc.

  • Jaggery :

(good for digestion) or sweets, ice creams or savouries in general to calm the craving and the taste buds are always special favourites of many pregnant women so you can also try out which one suits you and you crave for. To find these ready when you need them you need to have as discussed earlier, a 24*7 departmental store or may be a vendor close to your place or just simply keep their stock in your kitchen.

  • Prescribed medicines :

to avoid vomit that you can ask your doctor

  • Fizzy drinks or candies :

to alleviate nausea are considered very helpful by a lot of experienced people.

  • Food :

items that you may binge on like sandwiches with spreads or as some women like to indulge in cheese and salads, grilled chicken, bacons, etc. For that matter anything that suffices your taste buds and cravings but with recommendation from you gynaecologist as to what all will be healthy for your or that you can have scantily or in plenty.

  • Shoes :

with a comfortable sole and it is highly suggested that you avoid heels during pregnancy so that your feet don't swell, don't get aches and certainly you get no chance t trip over and fall down.

  • Belly belt :

that helps you wear anything that you wear in non pregnant days with ease and also gives your belly bump greater support and induces confidence in you to carry any dress that you wish to wear.

  • Full body pillow :

that supports you and your belly throughout the night and during the times when you are resting and relaxing.

  • Belly balm :

to help you get rid of the itchiness that consumes you a lot of times with possibility of stretch marks post childbirth. for instance: Omved Anti Stretch Belly Balm

  • Toys and baby posters and baby magazines :

that are available in plenty in markets, online and are not very expensive also.

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