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Welcome to Week 8

You are only 5 weeks short of completing your first trimester. Here are some important pointers for this week.

Update on Your Body

Your uterus is bigger now, and so are your breasts and nipples. Your vagina has gone from being light pink to dark pink, due to increased blood flow.Want to Consult an expert? Find the best pregnancy doctor in ChandigarhYour blood volume has increased by as much as 40-50% to accommodate the needs of your baby. Your skin may have turned oily too, and you may find washing your face more often helpful in reducing excess oil and preventing acne and pimples.


Update on Your Baby

All your baby’s major organs are present by now, though they are still developing. The arms and legs are growing longer and your baby has possibly begun to move and kick, although it’s still too early for you to feel these movements. The eyes and ears have formed too, but the eyes are covered by skin-folds that will eventually turn into your baby’s eyelids. The upper lip and nose have developed by this week, and the trunk has begun to straighten.[caption id="attachment_23665" align="aligncenter" width="660"]

Illustrated pregnant women

Illustrated pregnant women[/caption]

Your Baby’s Size

0.63 inches, or the size of a raspberry.Must Read: Pregnancy Week 7

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Brush your teeth regularly. Use dental floss and antibacterial mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene. The hormonal changes during pregnancy will make your gums softer and thicker, so maintaining oral hygiene is necessary to prevent tooth decay and infections of the gums.[caption id="attachment_23664" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

Baby growth in womb

Baby growth in the womb[/caption]Continue to have small meals at frequent intervals and avoid lying down immediately after you have eaten to help ease pregnancy-related heartburn. A glass of cold milk is a great way to relieve heartburn or burning in your chest and abdomen.Follow your doctor’s orders with respect to any prescribed blood and urine tests. These tests need not alarm you; they are routine procedures to help your doctor manage your pregnancy better.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Continue to help your partner physically and emotionally.Make a note of your doctor’s appointments.[caption id="attachment_23666" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnant women in 8 weeks

Pregnant women in 8 weeks[/caption]You may have to take over caring for your pet, in case you own one. Cleaning animal litter can lead to infections in pregnant women.Must Read: Pregnancy Week 9