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Welcome to Week 7

This week, your baby will continue to grow and develop, but for you, symptoms will be very similar to those of week 6.

Update on Your Body

You may still not appear pregnant to people around you, but by now your body should give you subtle clues about your pregnancy. Unless you are losing weight due to morning sickness, you may have started looking plumper. Your breasts may still feel sore and tingly. The changes you began experiencing in week 6 will possibly continue through week 7.

Update on Your Baby

Most of your baby’s important organs begin to form around week 7. The eyes and tongue are taking shape and tiny nostrils are already visible. The brain has begun developing and cranial nerves have begun to form. The major blood vessels have started pumping blood. The heart has begun to beat more rhythmically and your baby’s arm and leg buds that took form last week have grown into little paddles.

Your Baby’s Size

0.5 inches, or the size of a blueberry.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Start exercising and eating healthy.

Always remember to discuss your exercise routine with your doctor before beginning anything new.

Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Get plenty of rest and sleep.

Consult your doctor about the need for getting your and your partner’s blood groups checked. Knowing your blood groups can help in case you require a blood transfusion during or after delivery. It can also help your doctor decide on a treatment to avoid ‘Rh incompatibility’ in your baby.

Continue all of the tips discussed in the previous weeks.


Avoid staying hungry and keep snacks such as biscuits, fruits, nuts and dried fruits handy.

Avoid spicy food.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Give your partner the emotional support she requires.

Accompany her to hospital visits, scans and check-ups.