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Welcome to Week 26

This is the final week of your second trimester. Next week, you will be beginning your third trimester. Congratulations on almost completing another milestone!

Update on Your Body

By now, your baby’s regular movements must serve as reassurance to you. You may have gained 7-9 kilos since the start of your pregnancy, and you will continue to gain around 0.5 kilos every week until the end of it. Your uterus will have reached 2.5 inches above your navel by the end of this week. Your baby and your growing uterus may exert pressure on your ribs, giving rise to rib pain, indigestion, and acidity or heartburn. As the muscles of your uterus stretch further, you may experience slight stitch-like pains on the sides of your belly too.

Update on Your Baby

The nerves inside your baby’s ears are developing and his or her hearing is consistently improving. As a result, your baby is gradually learning to hear and react to sounds better. Your baby will continue to swallow amniotic fluid, which will further enhance the development of his or her lungs and breathing. If your baby is a little boy, his testicles will have started to descend. At this point, he or she has likely developed a sleep-wake pattern in your womb.

Your Baby’s Size

14 inches, or the size of a spring onion.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Explore stem cell banking options for your baby with Cryonine on Cloudnine. Storing your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells can save your child and close family members from over 80 life-threatening diseases.

Learn to differentiate between Braxton Hicks contractions and true contractions from your doctor. The former usually occur in the third trimester, but can sometimes occur in the second.

Take good care of your nipples starting this week. Massage them with coconut oil, petroleum jelly or moisturiser, and roll them gently between your fingers. This can help stimulate milk production, moisturise your skin and get your breasts ready for breastfeeding.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Discuss and research stem cell banking with your partner. Explore Cryonine on Cloudnine to store your baby’s stem cells. Your partner may begin to feel less attractive as her belly continues to grow. Make sure you compliment her, shower her with encouragement and appreciate her often.