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Our first child

December 3, 2020

Hi All,Dr. Mukta Nadig is a dream doctor for to-be-mothers.My wife Namrata S, gave birth to a child on 20th June 2014 at 2:47 AM. I would like to start the success story right from the day we started visiting Dr. Mukta Nadig at Cloud Nine Malleswaram, Bangalore.We did some research in internet and decided to visit Dr. Mukta Nadig for consultation. Our first visit was great. My wife needs the comfort feeling and she got more than 100% from Dr. Mukta Nadig. Doctor was very friendly and did not ask us to get unwanted scans, did not ask us to visit unnecessarily. She used to answer all the questions from my wife with a smiling face and never got angry. There were two occasions where my wife was suffering from gastric. So we had to rush to Cloud Nine at odd hours. Even though Dr. Mukta Nadig was not available at the hospital, she could be easily contacted by duty doctors and Dr. Mukta Nadig was able to prescribe the right solutions. More importantly she was accessible via mobile always.Dr. Mukta Nadig asked us to get my wife admitted on 19th June 2014 for delivery As per the doctors advice my wife was admitted on the same day. Everything went well till midnight. The duty doctors were taking care of my wife. At 02:00 in the midnight the duty doctor sensed some complications and contacted Dr. Mukta Nadig and they decided that C-Section is the way to go. When we reached the OT at 02:20, much to our surprise, we saw Dr. Mukta Nadig well equipped and with an usual smiling face. With ease she carried the operation and 02:47 my son was born.I would like to thanks Cloud Nine, duty doctor, pediatrician and other support staff who assisted Dr. Mukta Nadig on that day.I would like to thank Cloud Nine as they provided the service professionally and our Signature package is true value for money.Thanks Cloud Nine and Special Thanks to Dr. Mukta Nadig.