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Niti Bhatia's journey of getting Nyla into this world.

December 3, 2020

Niti Bhatia has chronicled here her journey of getting Nyla into this world. Read on for Niti’s My Story of Being on Cloudnine.

She has walked the ramp, been in the spotlight, winning the beauty title- Been a Cloudnine Princess, enjoyed her pregnancy, feared about childbirth but today is a proud mom to a lovely baby girl.

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Describing her experience she says “Nyla is like an award for me for being strong while I was pregnant given the fears that I had and on this platform, I would like to mention to all the future mothers that delivery is not always painful”

“Let me tell you, my pregnancy and childbirth were like a holiday!

The day I got pregnant, I was very happy and worried. Happy because I could feel the life inside me and worried because I was very scared of hospitals, needles and doctors. To top it all, the delivery stories I heard were horrifying and I was scared even to go for a blood test.

My husband Anuj knew about Cloudnine and had decided long before I got pregnant that our baby will be delivered there. He wanted to give me the best treatment possible. We went for our first visit and met Dr Anuradha  S who was a delight!!! (She still is…). She was very supportive, skilled and cool, we liked her the moment we met her.

Anuj had to put in a lot of effort to get me to the hospital for my first visit, first blood test and first tetanus injection, but every time it used to get over before I got to know.  I remember the first time when I screamed looking at the needle – Dr Anuradha laughed and said: “Niti, what will happen at the time of delivery?”

Anuj and I were overexcited but inexperienced so we attended Cloudnine yoga class, Lamaze class, MBA class, which turned out to be very useful. I met other pregnant women and we all shared our worries, experiences and future plans. I participated in the Fashion show held at the Cloudnine Carnival for Pregnant women,  and on Mother’s day I have crowned Cloudnine Princess’.  

I was there in the limelight, covered in newspapers, TV channels and I was thrilled on being one of the lucky few to walk the ramp when you are pregnant!

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But then in my 8th month I went for a movie with friends and fell down in the washroom somehow, I sprained my ankle which worried the whole family. Dr Anuradha was out of town unfortunately but I got immediate help and attention from Dr Kini.

After that accident, though my family was against it, Dr Anuradha encouraged me to work till the last day of my pregnancy. I took my maternity leave on June 3rd and delivered on June 4th.

While usually women can’t wait to see the baby, I wanted to give birth as late as possible because

firstly, I was being pampered like never before and secondly, I was dead scared of the delivery.

I had a C-section at 11:35 am on 4th June and delivered a baby girl. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, I named her “Nyla”

Pains did not help bring the baby down and I had to go for a C-Section. When I went to the OT, and again gave an innocent, scared look to the anesthesiologist with the needle, he said – “Did you read somewhere that this injection is painful?” I nodded, “You rely more on the Internet than on your doctor”, he laughed and before I knew it, the baby was in my arms.

I was immediately shifted to my room which was full of friends, family and well-wishers waiting for the tiny miracle. I was provided 24hr help and attention by Cloudnine staff which made me feel strong and energised from within.

I was able to eat, bathe, walk, hold and feed the baby within a few hours of delivery. A few visitors got surprised when they saw the new mother jumping here and there full of energy just after 1 day of delivery.

My younger sister was pregnant with the same due date as mine and so my mother could not come to take care of me as she had to look after my sister. I must tell you that I was taken care of so well by my husband, my brother, my doctor and Cloudnine that I did not miss her much. I told her – “Don’t worry about me, I am in safe hands.”

Another thing worth mentioning is that Dr Anuradha and Sister Ruth helped my sister too, who was actually in Delhi even though she had not delivered at Cloudnine.

And finally, I would like to thank,

Dr Anuradha for her support during pregnancy and childbirth

Anuj – My husband- for world-class treatment during pregnancy and for giving me Nyla

Pankaj (My brother) and my family for their love and support

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The hospital for a wonderful 3 day holiday @Cloudnine

Dr Kishore – for taking care of my bundle from heaven – Nyla.

Above all, I want to thank God  for blessing me with a baby girl.”

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