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My Delight-Sai Hamsa

December 3, 2020

My Delight- Sai Hamsa

It was a million dollar smile on my face when the HCG test turned pink with a double line last year around this time. The curiosity of holding our baby in our hands sprouted that moment within us. The merriment doubled when it was confirmed by the doctor and love and care poured from the family once the glee was shared. The culinary skills of my hubby came to the fore during the first 3 months of morning sickness since we lived alone in US during this time. It was the most pitiful moment of my life to bid good bye to my hubby when I decided to move to India for delivery. I spent the rest of my pregnancy awaiting the visit of hubby for Baby Shower & Delivery and involving myself in healthy, spiritual practices.

It was a fantastic journey in Cloud9 with extra -ordinary care from Doctors and staff. It was a joyous ride every month visiting Dr. Anuradha for consultation. She was extremely positive & vibrant which enabled us pass through the complications. Finally the D-day arrived, Oct29 to bring our Bundle of Joy out to this world. Finally, My Munchkin arrived aloud at 09.50 PM. I could only hear the doctor say, ‘It’s a girl ‘as I was under the influence of pain killers. No words to describe the miraculous moment when the Cute Little Princess was shown to me in the labor room. It was a heart throbbing moment.

It was quite little tough handling her during the initial days since she was nocturnal and my routine got affected to a great extent. I was able to overcome all this with the support from my hubby and family. Every dawn is so different these days as she is different every day and I can never expect her to follow a routine. Her cries are my Music these days and her smile is my refreshment. Life is so different when you have a baby since my thoughts, talks always revolve around her. The day outs with friends, the intimate times with hubby are only dreams now, but still I love this phase of life.

Now this cutie pie, Sai Hamsa is the apple of an eye and has stolen the time & hearts of all people around in the family much to our delight. Long Live Sai Hamsa, you are our life!!!

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