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Mother: the one word that invokes unconditional love

December 3, 2020

Women all over the world put on their bravest faces when they are going through the experience of pregnancy. Those nine months of their lives change them as a person. Their bodies go through major changes and they have to take extra care of themselves to ensure that the new life they hold within their bodies is brought to the world safely and healthily. They get to witness the magic that their body is capable of, nurturing and bringing to this world a new life altogether.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for all mothers, but it comes with its own complications. On Cloudnine, we respect and encourage all the women to be strong and proud of themselves, who brave through this experience with a smile on their faces.

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However, we hold an all-new level of admiration for the moms who are braving the adversity in the face of a global pandemic. We know moms, and for their immense courage, we salute them!

Cloudnine Mumbai recently hosted one such brave Warrior Mom, Abitha Nair. This Malayalam speaking lady is a stay-at-home mommy, who is now handling her new responsibilities as a mother apart from holding fort at home to support the whole family. We got the opportunity to have a short conversation with her regarding her pregnancy journey with us on Cloudnine. She was very gracious while answering all of our questions and we fell in love with her strength!

Cloudnine: Tell us about yourself and how has your family supported you during this period?

Abitha: I got pregnant in the month of August 2019. The news about the pandemic came in December. We were a little bit disappointed and clueless as to what was to come next. I honestly was not taking things positively and I would say I was rather worried.  It was very challenging and I also was on complete bed rest as I was suggested that it would help me gain back my confidence and achieve mental peace. Staying at home is very tough I must admit.

By January and February, I again met my doctor and it was again advised to me to stay at home. Then the lockdown happened and we literally couldn’t leave our house now. The most important part that most miss out is that everyone should be mentally strong. My mom came and supported me a lot during this crisis. My extended family supported me a lot too during this time and of course my husband. He stayed by my side the whole while. He took care of all that I required and made sure that my anxiety would not creep in.

Cloudnine: What made you choose Cloudnine Mumbai over other hospitals in Mumbai?

Abitha: I am not great with decisions so I trusted the judgment of a few people who are close to me and had gone through the experience a few months or years back. Quite obviously, the names of many other hospitals came up, but Cloudnine was the most commonly mentioned one in most references we took.

After that, I did my own research and the facilities that Cloudnine was providing, keeping in mind the lockdown procedures and quarantine norms, I was utterly impressed and decided to opt for their services.

I can safely say that my references were not wrong.

Cloudnine: How would you describe your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Abitha: I must admit that my journey wasn’t too smooth because of the complications I faced during my pregnancy. Cloudnine was extremely helpful with its services that eased my difficulties to a huge extent. I did not have to travel to the hospital for regular check-ups with my doctor. Video consultation was provided. Pick up service was also very helpful. It would have been so difficult to get cabs during the lockdown. Even in the hospital, they took care to measure temperatures regularly. Tests were done for all entering the premises. I had a C-section done after 4 days of sudden pain and it was an emergency situation.

But Cloudnine handled it so maturely and I was assured of the safety of my own health and my baby’s. I had to go back to the hospital after the delivery because of a few complications and again I was welcomed back like a close member. Cloudnine was like a mom to me during my stay at the hospital. I am so grateful for them.

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Cloudnine: Describe your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

Abitha: I was thoroughly supported by my doctor. From video consultations to check-ups where my complications were figured out, my doctor took care of everything. I must say I was very worried about what was going to happen and my doctor was the best I could hope for. All my questions, however stupid were answered from time to time. I never felt uncomfortable in their presence, be it the on-duty doctor or the pediatrician.

The support staff on Cloudnine was also highly helpful, but most importantly they were aware and alert of the precarious situation around us.

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Cloudnine: Any word of advice for pregnant women and moms-to-be on Cloudnine, given the current situation?

Well, I don’t know if my advice is the best but of course, everyone should remember that this situation is not permanent and we will see better days. Till then hold on tight and keep the faith. Trust in your doctors and those who take care of you. The medical fraternity is already going through a lot. Let’s not make life difficult for them. Eat healthily and keep healthy.

We are elated that you enjoyed your experience on Cloudnine, Abitha!

You were a delight to host and an immense inspiration to all of us who witnessed you there. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours and the new life that you set upon with your little bundle of joy. Thank you for choosing to be on Cloudnine!

“Cloudnine loves you and will always be there for you!”

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