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Menstrual Health Management

December 5, 2023

No pickles, healthy diet, dark clothes are few of the many rituals which we follow religiously during menstruations. It may start with leaving you in a little bad mood, but soon after your periods, you ought to have a gentle upliftment of mood, full of life, good hair and skin day, making you feel very attractive.  

Imagine, taking care externally, without even having the slightest clue that menstruation, though a self-cleaning system, may need some extra pinch of love and care and thereby missing out on our cleanliness checklist by an inch and infecting ourselves!

Menstruating? Embrace the womanhood Period.


Here are some tips to help you have a happy menstruation this month.

  • Wash yourself

Bathe yourself at least once a day. Make sure you wash your vagina or wipe it off after urination to avoid the excess blood which clings to the outer of the vagina. This also helps in minimising foul odor. Wash appropriately your genitals by going right; from the vagina to anus to stay away from any terrible transmission of microorganisms. It is advised to wash your clothes or bed-sheets with a disinfectant liquid.

  • Avoid using vagina hygiene products

The vagina is a self-cleaning biome which hates external interference and shows its irritation in form of discomfort or infections. Therefore, never use any external agent to clean the inside of the vagina. However, make sure you clean the vulva with mild soap and warm water to avoid vaginal or urinary tract infections.

  • This might sound against the regime but stick to one method of sanitation

The ways of menstrual sanitation have evolved from clothes to sanitary napkins and now menstrual cups, tampons have found their ways to the menstrual essentials of women. With various methods available, frequent switching of brands and methods are becoming commonplace. However, it is advised to stick to a particular brand or method to understand if it suits you well. Frequent shifts of brands or methods can lead to a bad-tempered vagina and cause discomfort including rashes.

Some women tend to use a combination of sanitation during heavy flows such as two sanitary napkins or one tampon and one sanitary napkin. Though this is a smart technique against heavy flows, yet it can be a source of infections. This is because women might find napkins/tampons not completely used up and delay the process of discarding the pads at regular intervals.

  • Beware of a pad rash

Try to stay dry during heavy flows by changing your pads frequently. Keep changing your pad as necessary or after every 6 hours. In case, you get rashes, visit your doctor for medication.

  • Discard the sanitary napkin properly

This is one of the most important steps towards ensuring a community health. Used sanitary items are a source of infection and can cause health problems if they spread. It is advisable to wrap them properly before discarding to quarantine the bacteria. Ensure you wash your hands properly after discarding it.

  • Wear different underwear for periods

It is recommended to keep different sets of panties for periods as they might be infected. In case of stains, use lemon or bleaching powder to remove them. Make sure you wear well-fitting cotton panties to let your vagina breathe.

  • Be prepared with essentials before your periods

The average menstrual cycle is of 28 days. So, while you’re on the go, carry an extra sanitary napkin or preferred type of sanitation and wrap them properly to avoid contamination along with some tissues. And yes! Stay hydrated.  

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