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Labor Pains Myths & Truths

Most of the pregnant women are worried about labor pains since in our culture & media it is expressed as a most painful process. But if that is the case, are you aware, why more than 50% women deliver without pain relief? One has to understand that pain perception is different for different women.

The fact is that no one can deliver without pains but when woman is fully supported she can have calm birth. Good emotional support, massaging, music, breathing techniques are known to reduce labor pains.

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Labor pains can further be reducedwith newer safe analgesics (painkillers). Painless labour/epidural analgesia is now available round the clock to comfort the labouring mother.

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Remedy to come out of this phobia is, to discuss in detail with the treating doctor & obstetric anaesthetist, reading good books about birth stories, seeking support from those who had positive labour experiences & last but the least is to avoid people who tell war stories about labour & delivery.

Here’s wishing every would-be-mother a memorable and safe delivery!

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