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Kudos to all the Cloudnine staff!!!

December 3, 2020

To be very honest, I love Cloudnine very much. Starting from the ambiance, hospitality, hygiene, Caring, consulting I am really happy for being part of Cloudnine family!!The smiling greet of the doctor in all my visit was my first impression. My Dr. Praveena Shenoi was just WOW :) Thanks you doctor. Without you it would have not been so easy for me. She is the one who was with me during my 2 deliveries... Such a nice doctor :)The days after my C-Section, the nurses over there helped me to cope up with the New Mommy Blues. Sincere thanks for all them who made me to feel comfortable and get rid of those tough days.And next comes the paediatric, Doctor Arvind Shenoi is simply superb with the interaction that he has with the kids and the way he diagnoses. Before my visit, so many questions will be running in my mind about the kid's illness, once you meet him you feel so relaxed that your kid will be alright. Such a nice paediatrician.I have recommended Cloudnine to my friends and they have been experienced the same. I would continue recommending.Kudos to all the staffs of the Cloudnine!!!- Sowmya Senthil