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Immune boosting foods

December 3, 2020

COVID 19 is a highly infectious disease caused by a coronavirus.

Symptoms of coronavirus are cough, high fever,  dyspnoea, etc.

How it spreads

Coronavirus spreads through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze.

It also spreads when a person touches an object or surface that has the virus on it.


      1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20seconds.

  1. Use alcohol base hand sanitizer (Greater than 60% alcohol)
  2. Cover your nose & mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  3. Avoid close contact with people who are not well. Maintain 1meter or 3 feet distance.

Diet in times of COVID 19

You can boost your immune system to try and prevent and fight COVID 19.The following are the foods to boost immunity.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin c foods help to boost your immune system. Vit C has been used to help prevent the common cold from ancient times.

Eg. amla lemon, orange guava, tomato, etc


It boosts your immune system by boosting the disease-fighting response of WBC. Garlic can combat sickness including the common cold.

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Ginger has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antiviral properties. It improves digestion and also protects the respiratory system.


Turmeric is used to treat infected wounds, joint pain, infection, etc. During cold & cough it helps to give the immune system a little boost.

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Wheat Grass

It is a powerful detoxifier, treats common cold gives energy & helps to produce RBCs, it is rich in nutrient content.

Green Leafy Vegetables

It contains plenty of vitamins & minerals. It is a key nutrient known to help the immune system function.

Kadha [Ancient spice drink] is also a good immunity booster.

Recipe: Take 1 cup of water add 3-4 leaves of tulsi, 2 black pepper without crushing, small sliced ginger, half teaspoon of ajwain & boil water to make it half i. e half cup. Filter the water and take it before going to bed.

Drink plenty of hot water every 2 hours.

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Role of the gut in immunity

Gut bacteria maintain a balance in the immune system. For gut, immunity probiotics play a vital role. Probiotics are living microorganisms they provide health benefits when consumed generally by improving or restoring gut flora. Daily intake of probiotic food is helpful. eg. Curd, buttermilk, raitha, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc

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Protein is the building block of the body. The intake of protein should be 1gm/kg body weight. Too little protein in the diet may lead to poor immunity, fatigue & weakness.

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Sources of protein are dhals, lentils, pulses, sprouts, millets, soya, humus, eggs, chicken etc. Daily intake of protein is essential to boost immunity. Take care stay healthy and speak to your nutritionist for a specialized diet plan.





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