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How To Tackle Backaches During Pregnancy

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is a precious time for you and your baby. The first stage of pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the period after conception when your baby grows inside your womb. It is a span of time filled with joy and excitement when your hormones are elevated and you feel elated. Due to hormonal changes inside the mother’s body, the pregnant woman suffers as well. Backaches are one of such problems. Backaches or back pain is the most common complaints affecting half of the majority of pregnant women. It is quite common during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Reasons for backaches

  • The body during pregnancy is being prepared for labor & the muscles become very fragile leading to strain when stretched
  • Progesterone and relaxin are the hormones preparing your body for delivery and are responsible for backaches
  • As your baby grows, your baby bumps become heavier, your spine is not accustomed to carrying the weight, as a result of which back pain occurs
  • Your baby bump, which is constantly growing, throws the weight outwards which makes your back curve or bend, this again causes strain leading to backaches.

Backaches during pregnancy can range from mild to severe. They can affect any part of the back. Pain increases in the lower back region as the pregnancy progresses as a result of increasing strain.

How can you avoid backaches during pregnancy

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects as it can cause strain.
  • Carry things close to your body. Do not bend too much while picking up stuff from the ground. Instead, ask for an assistant.
  • Wear high wedge heels rather than flats or high shoes. Wedges distribute your body weight evenly.
  • Yoga is beneficial for everyone. Practice maternity yoga on a daily basis. Yoga is the best exercise during pregnancy.
  • Try meditating, it heals the body from within.

Treatment for backaches

If you have severe backaches, you should consult a doctor. There are medications that the doctor will provide which should help relieve the pain.

  • Analgesics can be used for backaches. There are certain medications that can be used during pregnancy. It’s always better to consult a gynecologist rather than self-medication.
  • Warm baths can reduce backaches. Few pregnant women find this technique very beneficial.
  • Don’t lie on your back. Lying on your back increases pressure and causes back pain. Lie down with a pillow under your bent knees; this decreases the pressure.
  • Use bump support, it reduces strain from your back.
  • Transcutaneous nerve stimulation, best known as TENS is an electrical nerve stimulation that helps divert pain stimulation away from the brain.
  • You can go for swimming during pregnancy. Swimming is beneficial for reducing backaches. Swimming also relaxes your body.
  • Always use a pillow at the side of your bump while sleeping to be in a comfortable position.
  • Regular Walks, Yoga & Physiotherapy relives the pregnant women of their backache.

Pregnancy is a very joy-giving gift presented by life. You need to be in proper health and be happy at the same time. You should always consult a doctor in case of any issue regarding your body during this delicate time. Take good care of yourselves and everything will work out well.

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