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How to simulate your toddler's brain development: 8 indoor activities that will help your baby become smarter

Toddlers are continuously growing. 90% of the development of the brain occurs until the age of 5. Growth and development of the brain are much faster in toddlers. The first three years of the life of a child is crucial for learning and development. Things learned in the initial years of experience can help in shaping the future of your child. So you should engage your child in activities that help in cognitive development.

Here are eight indoor activities that will stimulate your toddler's brain development.

1)  Reading

Your child at this age is too young for reading a book, so you can instead read it for him. Select a storybook or rhyme book and read it to him, showing him the colourful pictures. This will help the child to increase his imagination skills while listening to you.

2)  Colouring

Give your child crayons with a colouring book of animals, birds etc. Make him colour pictures of different things and creatures. In this way, he will learn the names of many things. Colouring can improve your child's motor skills and hand-eye coordination while giving a boost to his imagination, concentration power, and ultimately, his cognitive abilities.

3)  Sorting Out Things by Color or Shape

Place blocks, colourful pom-pom, or bright buttons in a box and teach your child to sort them by colour, shape and size. For example, ask your child to pick up a green round pom-pom, and let him pick it for you. It's a brain churning activity, and your child will soon learn.

4)  Stacking cups or block

Give your child stacking cups, stacking rings, or even building blocks, and show him how to stack things together. Let him stack toys as high as he can or one inside the other. This activity can even help him with shape identification, colour recognition, counting, and sorting.

5)  Scavenger

hunt Children love to explore things. Hide one of your child's favourite toys or any such things and ask him to search for it. Your child will love to take this fun challenge and will enjoy searching for toys bringing back to you. This improves problem-solving skills in children.

6)  Singing songs and vocabulary

Sing songs such as twinkle twinkle little star, baba black sheep or Mary had a little lamb with your child with actions. Encourage your child to sing with you along with actions. This will help to improve the vocabulary of your child. Avoid propping him in front of the TV or phone to listen to the rhymes, instead of sing along with your child.

7)  Pin-up pictures

Take pictures of your family and relatives and pin them up in the bulletin board of your child's room. Write names like aunt uncle brother and stick below the pictures. Refer to the words and show your child the pictures often. As your child becomes familiar to those pictures and words, remove the sticky notes and ask your child to identify the family members mentioned in the pictures.

8)  Cooking

You don't have to ask your little one join you while you are cooking that involve fire and knives. But you can include them in the preparation and flameless cooking such as preparing a peanut butter sandwich. It will be fun and delightful for your child as he will get to eat it at the end your child even learns the texture and taste of food in this way.

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