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How to handle leg cramps during pregnancy

What are Leg cramps?

Leg cramps are involuntary contractions of muscles at the back of the calf which often occur at night. Leg cramps are very common during pregnancy usually occur in the second or third trimester often at night.

What is the exact cause of Leg Cramps?

The exact cause of leg cramps during pregnancy is not known, it may be associated with changes in blood circulation and stress on the leg muscles from carrying extra weight. Some doctors say that leg cramps can be because of low calcium or a change in the way your body processes calcium. Leg cramps generally go away within a few minutes.

How can you relieve the pain?

When you get a spasm, it is suggested to massage your calf and foot, lift toes and pushes your heel out. Avoid pointing the toe as it exacerbates the cramping and makes it worse. Try standing on a hard floor and lift the toes to stretch the calf muscle, this will stop the cramping.

Can you prevent Leg Cramps?

You can try to prevent leg cramps. Slowly flexing and releasing the feet many times before bed each night can prevent leg cramps. Try to avoid sitting or standing for a long period and wear compression stockings to reduce the occurrence of cramping. Pregnant women should drink two to three liters a day but not in large quantities as too much water can cause heartburn.