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How To Cope With The Common Pregnancy Pains And Aches?

December 3, 2020

Don’t you feel the heartburn when you have your favorite spicy fish curry? And your back pains like hell even when you stand for hardly a minute. Being a mom-to-be means a day doesn’t pass by without a little achiness or pain. Carrying and nurturing a tiny human being inside your womb isn’t easy at all.Body pains and aches are problems that every pregnant mom has to face. These pains are an indication that your body is preparing for delivery. Learning how to get relief from such pains can help you get through your pregnancy in tranquility.

Here are some of these cramps and tricks to cope with them:

  • Headaches: Headaches are common during pregnancy. Some relaxation techniques like massage to ease head pain, breathing exercises, and muscle-relaxing exercises, etc. can help you get relief from this pain. Do consult your doctor before taking any medication for headache.

  • Leg Cramps: Fed up of the painful muscle contractions you suffer most of the night? Involving yourself in some feet and leg stretching before you go to bed and walking also can actually help in reducing the leg cramps. You can also indulge in some pampering like leg massages to get relief from the leg cramps. Applying heat such as heating pads or hot water bottle can further reduce the pain.

  • Low Back Pain: Lower back pain is one of the most common discomforts you may be going through. Heat treatment is the perfect remedy for it. You can get relief from the back pain by using heating pads or hot water bottles on the lower back. You can also soak yourself in a warm tub to soothe muscles. Also avoid wearing high heels.

Image source: Telegraph

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: We understand the pain, numbness, tingling, or burning you get in your fingers, palm, or wrist and radiates up your arm. To deal with such syndrome, consult your doctor about it and get a wrist brace that can help relieve pain. You can also reduce the pain by doing some wrist exercises.

  • Lower Abdominal Pain: Do you feel the mild stretching or lower abdominal pain? Don’t worry! These pains are common during pregnancy. But, if you suffer with constant and severe pain and have a fever or bleeding as well, consult your doctor immediately. It can lead to major problems like Placental abruption, Preterm labor, Gallbladder disease or even Appendicitis.