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How Postpartum Depression Made Me A Better Person

After a long wait of 9 months, the most awaited moment is the delivery of the baby. We shall take an in-depth look at the aftermath of the pregnancy period and delivery of the baby by looking deeper into postpartum depression and how it can result in a positive outcome for both the mother and the newborn baby.

How the can Postpartum Depression become a positive outcome in the end?

Postpartum Depression is a common occurrence among newly made mothers after the process and operation of delivery. The condition is characterised by extreme bouts of mood swings and a general depressive and lackadaisical on behalf of the mother. About 10% of new mothers undergo this problematic phase of postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is observed in new mothers most of the time just after a week of giving birth. However, it is hard to diagnose. In most case, it can be confused with parental fatigue or even hypothyroidism as it poses the same symptoms.  Postpartum depression is the conflict of emotions in a new mother which may be due to issues like responsibilities of the new baby, work-stress, worries about financial stability or as a result of overthinking. It is the feeling of extreme sorrow, despair and hopelessness that can prevent one from performing even the standard tasks in her daily routine. One seems to avoid social gatherings, have severe mood swings, anxiety or panic attacks. The lifestyle deteriorates, and one feels least interested in taking care of oneself.

Postpartum depression can be caused due to hormonal fluctuation, stress and problems in case of unwanted pregnancy or due to genetic attributes. When one realises about the depression, she should share it with her better-half or partner. A bit of care and pampering can improve the situation. Sharing the worries can help get a solution that can subside the depression.

However, if the depression persists for more than two weeks, it is advisable to consult a professional counsellor.  A professional help along with a combination of medication and psychotherapy can improve the situation from month to month. Antidepressants may serve the purpose, but that not should be taken with proper consultation as some medication can hamper breastfeeding. A professional counsellor provides emotional support and tries to show realistic goals in her life. The healing power of a potent conversation is much more than any antidepressant. This helps in overcoming depression through determination. Several support groups are available, and participation in such groups can help in recovery. It is also advisable that one should exercise as exercising secretes serotonin, the happy hormone in the body. Even meditation and yoga can serve as an energy booster in this stage. Pursuing one’s hobbies such as singing, dancing, reading can serve as a mood lifter.

Though treatable with the help of therapy and other exercises, PPD, as it is abbreviated, can come as a boon or positive outcome for both the mother and the respective newborn. Almost all psychologists and experts who have experience in redeeming mothers suffering from PPD insist that searching and bringing out the positive feelings is always the best way to treat and recover one’s mental balance.  A new mother along with the new responsibility realises a new realistic goal to pursue, and the determination to achieve that goal serves as the new energy boost for her life. A deeper understanding of the personal self, reaching out for support, a compassionate outlook towards life, and possessing the necessary patience and empathy to teach a newly conceived life about life itself are some of the highlights that might be a direct outcome of Postpartum Depression.


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