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How Much Water to Drink When Pregnant

Water is undoubtedly one of the most important necessities of life and when it came to pregnancy it becomes far more imperative to drink more fluids as its the time when you are nurturing not just one but two lives. Even at normal times when you have had a tough day working throughout you seek the need for water to quench your thirst. But while you are pregnant you need to take a little more care, not just about your diet but also the overall intake of water in a day.

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Why Is Water Important During Pregnancy?

Water is as important as it is to breathe in life. It is always said that your daily intake of water should be as less as eight glass each day to stay fit as well as healthy. Pregnancy does not occur as a single activity, it brings with itself myriads of feelings. Over the time you might feel happy or it could be such that you are feeling lightheadedness or dry skin and lips. These are common phenomenon you would experience when pregnant. But have you ever gave a thought about the same?

These are common but cannot be ignored. The above signs indicate that your body is losing more water than you take in, yes you are dehydrated. And so you need to keep an account of how much are you drinking and how much is sufficient for the duo - you and the little kid inside. Dehydration, in general, is a serious issue and during pregnancy, it attaches with itself a little more risk as it puts on stake life of two.

How Much Water To Drink During Pregnancy?

On an average, you are expected to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. This quantity includes all the other beverages you take throughout the day. However, you should give prime importance to water. Fluids in any form juice, tea, milk coffee all would have extra calories that might not be beneficial to you.

During pregnancy, your body needs a little more water than usual to perform those extra functions that are an add-on to pregnancy. In case your body does not undertake the required fluids, then it could have a harmful impact on your fetus. Water is effective in placenta formation, the base from where the fetus receives nutrients. As the stage of pregnancy progresses, water is required for the formation of the amniotic sac. Hence, you should take great care not to skip the water.

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Reasons Behind Dehydration During Pregnancy

There are several activities that could lead to loss of fluid from your body during pregnancy. Primarily, morning sickness is considered the major factor causing fluid loss. Around 50 to 80% of women are seen to experience nausea, vomiting, sweating or excess urination leading to greater loss of water from your body. These are found to develop before the second trimester and so you must take great care to prevent these by taking sufficient water. Many times, women suffer from diarrhea due to hormonal changes which are also a reason behind dehydration.

Pregnancy brings with itself a great deal of care and support to have those crucial nine months spent peacefully. At any point of the day, if you feel uncomfortable or something unusual, then never ignore such signs. Always be careful and trace each step you take. Not drinking enough water could pave the way to an array of problems during pregnancy. Premature birth, affect om the babies health, need to hospitalize the mother to administer IV fluids.

So, it better to be safe than to suffer. Take care and drink as much as your body needs.

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