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Growth Scan: What Should You Expect?

Expecting mothers would be excited about their baby during their pregnancy. A growth scan lets you know about the growth of the baby in the third trimester. It helps to know if the baby inside the womb is healthy with proper growth. You can watch your baby kick and roll during the growth scan. It is definitely a moment to treasure. A growth scan in pregnancy during the third trimester is quite important for delivering a healthy baby. Here are the things you can expect during a growth scan and the results of the same. Read to learn everything about growth scans during the trimester and their benefits.

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Growth Scan-Overview

A growth scan is a non-penetrative medical test that is carried out to observe the growth of the fetus inside the womb. It is part of prenatal care. It is basically an ultrasound scan done to gather various vital information about the growth of the baby. Your healthcare provider can know about the size, weight and health of the baby from the results of the growth scan. It is usually taken in the third trimester of the pregnancy. Any potential growth abnormalities can be identified in the early stages with the help of a growth scan. This can help to avoid and take necessary steps to avoid further deterioration of growth abnormalities in the fetus.

Why is a Growth Scan Necessary?

Everyone wishes to deliver a healthy baby. A growth scan is one such tool that ensures the safe delivery of a healthy baby. It is a medical test that gives assurance of the proper growth of your baby. Your doctor would recommend going for a growth scan anytime starting from 28 upto 40 weeks of pregnancy. The following things are monitored during a growth scan ultrasound, which makes it necessary:

  • Determine the levels of amniotic fluid.
  • The movement of your baby.
  • Assess the weight of the baby.
  • Find the position and maturity of the placenta.
  • Check for proper blood circulation in your fetus.
  • Assess the development of twins during pregnancy.
  • Determine the health issues of the baby at an early stage.
  • Know about the integrity of previous C-section scar.
  • The above benefits make it clear that a growth scan is necessary, as it helps to assess the overall health of the fetus.

What Happens During a Growth Scan?

You must be prepared for your ultrasound growth scan. The growth scan weeks are between 28 and 40 weeks. You would be made to lie down and a gel would be applied to the abdomen to transmit waves. A probe is used for ultrasound and this captures your baby’s image inside the womb. Moving the probe to different positions can help capture images of the baby from various angles. The various necessary measurements are taken which helps to know if the baby growth pattern is maintained and also an approximate weight is assessed.

Results of a Growth Scan

There are several things that you can assess from the results of a growth scan. Interpreting the results of the growth scan is quite crucial, as it deals with the overall well-being of the baby. The various measurements are taken and plotted on a graph along with the previous scan readings. The healthcare provider takes into consideration the medical history of the expectant mother before interpreting the results of the growth scan. Abnormalities revealed from the results of the growth scan are explained to the mother by the healthcare provider. Further tests are recommended to study more about the abnormalities. The results of the growth scan are not always accurate. There are chances of false positives in the result of the growth scan. The other things that you interpret from the growth scan are:

  • A too-big baby may be due to gestational diabetes for the mother.
  • A small baby can be born due to an insufficient flow of nutrients and oxygen to the baby.
  • Assess the exact level of amniotic fluid-there could be oligo or polyhydramnios
  • Check if the placenta is too low or high.
  • The position of the baby can be seen clearly from the results of the growth scan.

Your doctor can tell you if the baby is in a breech position or a head-down position.The above results are a valuable source of information for delivering a healthy baby.

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Cost of Growth Scan

The growth scan price varies based on the location of the place where you undergo the test. The cost also depends on the facility you choose for a growth scan. It is an affordable medical test. The average cost of a growth scan ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500. Contact your nearest facility to know the exact estimate or the cost of a growth scan.

Thus, a growth scan is an essential tool to determine the growth and well-being of the baby. This can help pregnant moms deliver a healthy baby. It gives peace of mind to the expecting mother as well. Thus, it is a must to go for a growth scan during the 3rd trimester.


1. How do I prepare for a growth scan?

Keep your mind calm.

2. Is a growth scan anything to worry about?

There is nothing to worry about in a growth scan. It is a simple and non-invasive medical test that takes only 15–30 minutes. You can leave home immediately after the test and not worry about anything about it.

3. What should I eat before a growth scan?

There are no restrictions on the food you eat before going for a growth scan. You can eat normal food before a growth scan.

4. Which month is good for a growth scan?

A growth scan is usually done in the third trimester of your pregnancy. It is done in the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy. This is the right time to assess the growth and health of your body, as most of the body parts are mature in their growth.

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