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Delivering A Precious Dream, Successfully!

Dr. Samatha did more than any doctor would do. I feel emotionally connected to her even after the birth of my baby boy. If my dream of motherhood has come true, it is because of her - Kausica.

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Having a baby is a transformational process. It’s an emotional phase, of course, but all the more emotional for someone who has had four miscarriages in a row. Imagine the happiness of conceiving not once, but four times, only for the result to be heartbreak. That was what Kausica went through.

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Her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in just 8 weeks, but within a year, she conceived again, only to deliver prematurely at 6 months. Her third pregnancy lasted for 3 months and the fourth for barely a week. With no clue why this was happening, both Kausica and her husband underwent several tests and to their surprise, everything seemed normal. That increased the level of confusion and fear, with some doctors suggesting IVF as an option.

Kausica, however, was determined to have a healthy child through the normal route and that’s where Dr. Samatha’s expertise helped. In December 2018, as Kausica missed her period, she showed no signs of an early celebration. She waited patiently, for more than a month. Keeping things to herself, she spoke to Dr. Samatha and that’s when she could hear her baby’s heartbeat.

Knowing well what a precious pregnancy that was, Dr. Samatha didn’t stop at the medical guidance. She assumed the role of a pillar of emotional strength for Kausica, guiding her to be strong, being available to respond to Kauica’s late-night messages also. With the reassurance of being under Dr. Samatha’s able hands, Kausica prepared herself to get cervical stitches (cerclage) in the fourth month to keep her pregnancy secure. Post that, with untiring support from her family, Kausica was on strict bed rest.

For her, every day of the pregnancy was a milestone. Holding on to hope and Dr. Samatha’s advice, Kausica took it one day at a time. As she entered the seventh month, she had a growth scan. With the scan confirming that the baby was growing normally, Kausica felt relieved; relieved enough to share the good news with her trusted circle. Inside her heart, she finally felt that she was closer to her forever dream - of having a baby and enjoying motherhood.

Dr. Samatha proceeded with caution. Given Kausica’s history, she knew that she would have to opt for tests and scans at every step to ensure that Kausica would not have to go through the extreme stress and pain of loss. With that, as Kausica moved into her final month of her pregnancy, her anxiety doubled. As the pain from the past kept scaring her, Dr. Samatha acted as the calming force. One week before her due date, Kausica’s stitches were removed. Braving a cold and cough, Kausica held on.

In August 2019, she began showing signs of discomfort and went to Dr. Samatha immediately. Her scans revealed her water levels being low, so Dr. Samatha recommended her to get admitted. As hours ticked away, Kausica felt no labor pain at all. Early next morning as she received an injection, Kausica was on the threshold of motherhood. Guided by Dr. Samatha, she delivered a healthy baby boy through normal vaginal delivery weighing a little over 3 kilos. It was beyond Kausica’s belief as she and her loved ones had been prepared for a cesarean given her history.

ve years of pain, five years of loss, and five years of fear blurred away as her little one came into the world. Today, little Vikrant is at his hyperactive best bringing smiles to the faces of his entire family. Kausica’s story brings hope to every couple that’s struggling to have a child. With the right doctor who is not only medically adept but also emotionally available, having a child is not a faraway dream.

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