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At 29 weeks, your baby is the size of butternut squash!

At 29 weeks, your baby is the size of butternut squash!

Welcome to the third trimester, mommy to be! As your days of pregnancy are nearing the end, you must be very anxious to welcome your little one to the world. On Cloudnine, we know moms, and we understand that this time can be quite trying, where you might be doubting your abilities as a mom. Well, trust us when we say you’ll be great! You’ve done phenomenally so far, and we’re sure you’ll be even better as the days go by. On a more exciting note, did you know your baby is now the size of butternut squash?

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Baby developments

Your baby is busy growing and developing inside your womb, and they are doing a pretty good job at it! Read on to know what new things your baby can do this week.

  • Your baby is now 39 to 41 cm long and weighs approximately 1.1 to 1.4 kg. They are now the size of butternut squash.
  • Your little one can start smiling this week! They mostly practise their smiling skills when they are asleep.
  • Your baby now experiences frequents hiccups. To you, these hiccups will simply feel like light taps. But don’t worry, the hiccups aren’t uncomfortable for your baby either.
  • Your baby is now in a hurry to grow bigger, and so growth is more rapid than ever. This means that your womb is slowly becoming a cramped space for your baby. Therefore, the hard kicks that you were experiencing last week have now begun to feel like jabs and poke now.
  • Your baby is plumping up pretty fast at this stage, and all the fat that they are gaining allows the wrinkled effect on their skin to reduce drastically, making the skin appear smoother than before.
  • The baby’s skin is maturing faster and growing thicker than before.
  • The lanugo that was covering your baby’s body all this while is now fully mature, so it is beginning to fall out.
  • Your baby’s bones are getting harder and stronger, so their calcium intake increases significantly in this final trimester.
  • The baby’s movement inside the womb is now a lot more prominent and regular. 
  • Although still quite premature, your baby’s chances for survival outside the womb at this stage has gone up to a whopping 94%.

What to expect in the ultrasound at the 29th week


Like in the past week, this week too, your baby is mostly focusing on internal growth so very few external changes can be visible in the ultrasound. Here are some of the things you can see in the ultrasound on the 29th week.

  • Your baby is now bigger and stronger than ever
  • They can now turn their head to listen to sounds coming from outside the womb
  • Their bones are stronger than before now, although still quite flexible
  • Your baby has more and more hair growing on the top of their head, and their eyelashes are also developing very fast
  • The baby’s reflexes, such as coughing, are also developing very fast to help prepare them for the outside world.

Things to do this week

You are now in the final trimester of your pregnancy, and at this stage, it is more important than ever to take care of yourself. Here are some tips to keep in mind on the 29th week of your pregnancy.

  • Engage in meditation and/or therapy to help combat anxiety about childbirth and labor
  • Increased calcium intake is a must this week; remember that your baby gets all its nutrition from you, and they are working on their bones this week.
  • However lethargic you feel, make sure you move around! Indulge in some kind of physical activity to get your blood flowing 
  • Pamper yourself with some Epsom salt baths. They also help with haemorrhoid related discomforts which are quite common at this stage of pregnancy
  • Monitor your baby’s kicks inside you. Do this when you are lying down, and if you can count about 10 kicks an hour, you can be sure that everything is A-OK!

Relax, enjoy your pregnancy while you can; these next 11 weeks will pass in a flash! Take care of yourself and your little one you hold within your womb. For everything else, the doctors on Cloudnine are right by your side.

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