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All You Need to Know about Asperger Syndrome

The incidence of autism continues to increase to nearly about 50-fold over the past 40 years globally. And this is not to be taken lightly.

The best child specialists, child hospitals and other institutions are on a mission to eradicate this balderdash issue.  Luckily, the ongoing steady and in-depth research with respect to the treatment or management of Asperger's has come to the rescue and is increasingly being used to treat Asperger's symptoms.

What is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger’s or Asperger syndrome is a type of autism and belongs to a part of a broader category called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is a mental health issue where an individual has difficulties in social and communication skills when compared to another individual with normal intelligence and language development. It was discovered by a Viennese pediatrician Hans Asperger, hence the name Asperger’s syndrome.

What are the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome?

The symptoms are seen very early in life. If you are a parent of a child with the characteristics listed below, then we suggest you consult with a healthcare specialist at the earliest.

  •         Having difficulty in making eye contact
  •         Shows no emotions to situations
  •         Repeats the same movement and sentence again and again
  •         Clueless about body language or perceiving expressions on people's face
  •         Dislike changes

Well, these are the early symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. Given below are the general symptoms of Asperger Syndrome:

  •         Distinctive strengths
  •         Restricted interests
  •         Difficulty with social interactions
  •         Desire for sameness

Can Asperger Syndrome be diagnosed?

You don’t need the best pediatrician to find out if your child has Asperger’s or not. All you need to do is Google “child specialist near my location” to find that out.  The healthcare specialist might ask few below-mentioned questions and will refer you to a mental health expert.

  •         What are the symptoms?
  •         When were the symptoms noticed first?
  •         Does your child like to interact with others?
  •         Does your child have friends?
  •         When did your child learn to speak?
  •         How well does your child communicate?
  •         How is his/her focusing or concentrating ability?

After asking these set of question, the pediatrician will refer you to someone who specializes in ASDs, like one of these:

  •         Psychologist
  •         Pediatric neurologist
  •         Developmental pediatrician
  •         Psychiatrist

To be more specific, you need to consult your child with more than just one doctor since this condition is often treated with a team approach.

Can Asperger Syndrome be treated?

Well, yes! But there is more and one treatment approach. The treatment can be one of the following or a combination of them:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

It helps the troubled child think better and control his emotions and repetitive behaviours.

  • Social skills training

Here the therapist will teach your child how to express themselves and improve their social interaction.

  • Speech-language therapy

This therapy helps your child improve his/her communication skills and to keep up a two-way conversation and understand social cues.

  • Parent education and training

Here, parents are taught techniques to help them work on their social skills at home.

  • Applied behaviour analysis

The therapist uses positive reinforcement to encourage positive social and communication skills in your child.

  • Medicine

Medicines are prescribed to patients to help them with related symptoms like depression and anxiety. Antipsychotic drugs and stimulant medicines are few of them.

Remember that Asperger Syndrome is not a disability but a slightly impaired ability. Therefore, don’t treat your child as a disabled individual but be there to able him/her!

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