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A Guide to Postpartum Recovery

“Postpartum is a quest back to yourself. Alone in your body again. You will never be the same, you are stronger than you were. “ - Amethyst Joy

Pregnancy is an enriching journey with smiles and frowns, and ups and downs for each woman. In these few months, a woman’s body and mind go through various changes, and at times she may not be able to cope with it well or may need some time to just sit and breathe while her hormones take control over her. Although it may seem endless and tiring, you must keep in mind that soon you’ll be wrapping your arms around your cuddle bug not wanting to let go! 

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The Postpartum or post-delivery period is also as important as the period of pregnancy. It is the period when the woman starts feeling like herself again after giving birth to a new life. The first 6 months post-delivery is the recovery period. There are certain things that you should keep in mind about what to do and what not to do. 

Things to do:

  • Ice your perineum for the first 24 hours 
  • Use warm water bags to soothe the pain 
  • Do your Kegels 
  • Use warm compress for your breasts
  • Eat right to keep yourself fit 

Things not to do:

  • Don’t ignore any red flags 
  • Don’t forget to prioritize your self-care 
  • Don’t go overboard with exercising 
  • Don’t try to “do it all” 
  • Don’t skip your Doctor’s appointments

Your postpartum journey is your battle, there may be times when you feel too overwhelmed with everything happening around you, you just have to remember that this too shall pass and you’ll soon be yourself again. You might feel stressed taking care of your baby and yourself, but do remember to prioritize your mental and physical health, because only a happy mommy can keep her baby happy too.

Stay healthy, stay happy! 

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