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A Blessing When The Roads Were Asleep

December 3, 2020

As the lockdown period was announced, Hospitals became one of the scariest places to visit. The news of the Pandemic spread caused great alarm in every sector of the society. If this was the case of a normal healthy person, it is hard to imagine the plight of a pregnant lady who was highly dependent on the hospital for the safe arrival of her baby. Cloudnine is fully aware of the needs and supports pregnant women would long for.

The maximum adjustments were made to provide all services like online video consultations, doorstep delivery of medicines, sample collection from home for lab tests, online antenatal classes, online workout sessions, Pick and drop facilities for emergencies and even home vaccinations for pregnant ladies as well as newborn babies.

This has provided immense relief to Moms who just want to have a safe pregnancy period and a blessed delivery.

Today we will take a look at the experience that Shyamalima Sharma had as she is one of those brave pregnant ladies who had to cope with the tension of the lockdown. She is a native of Biswanath Chariali, Assam and shifted base cause of work. She chose Cloudnine after hearing about the care, concern and expertise of the doctors available here. This impression deepened as she started her consultations personally.

Shyamalima testifies that Cloudnine took the utmost care during every consultation and made her feel safe while coming to the hospital. She highly commends the precautionary measures which included all the hygiene tools, checking of temperature, wearing a mask, allowing limited people inside the premises and so on. These measures gave her confidence in all prenatal treatments.

Shyamalima expresses her sincere gratitude with the following words – “First of all, I would like to convey my warm gratitude to Dr. Aparna Shintre, who took back my confidence to become a mother despite suffering from long term PCOD. She is brilliant in her field. I owe her everything I got today. Besides, I am thankful to Dr. Prasanna M. for his pediatric support. I would like to acknowledge all the nurses and staffs who helped me out during my stay at the hospital.’’

It is indeed a privilege to have a proud mom saying that she recommends Cloudnine Hospital as the best place for every aspiring parent. We feel honoured and are grateful for her kind words of appreciation. Our dedicated staff are ever ready to assist moms and are always there to support new parents on their blissful journey.

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