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3 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric ENT Doctor

December 3, 2020

Pediatrics ENT problems are ear, nose and throat disorders which are among the most common issues due to which children visit doctors.

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There are many ENT problems because of which children may find it difficult to perform day to day activities.

Snoring is a matter of concern for a kid

  • If  a child snores continuously, the issue is not should not be left unattended or unnoticed
  • This might indicate problems in the future wherein a paediatrician or ENT doctor needs to be contacted.
  • A variety of health issues such as sleep apnea can lead to malformation of facial bones, behaviour issues and even bed-wetting
  • These symptoms start showing early in life and can be detected through breathing patterns
  • The child’s paediatrician should be informed if he or she child snores frequently
  • The doctor will refer the child to a good pediatric ENT specialist if the case is severe

Confirm with an ENT specialist if or not a recurring cold and cough is due to a sinus infection

  • Children are prone to getting colds
  • Kids can have a running nose and cough every three to four weeks
  • It is completely normal for children to contact a common cold, most of the time is viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics
  • The decision to prescribe antibiotics should be carefully made by the child’s doctor
  • If your child’s cold symptoms last more than seven days and if they become worse, visit the doctor/ENT specialist without fail

Ask the ENT specialist if ear tubes should be used in case of an ear infection

  • Ear tubes improve air pressure and hearing for your child
  • Ear tubes are a helpful tool in order to cure ear infections.
  • Applying ear tubes to help prevent future ear infections in some cases
  • The decision on whether or not to use ear tubes is made with accordance to the child’s ENT specialist, his or paediatrician and his or her parents
  • Checking the level of hearing, presence of fluid in the middle ear and language development are important attributes to be certain about on behalf of the ENT specialists before they suggest applying an ear tube in a child’s ear
  • In case a child has suffered from ear infections more than thrice consecutively, an ENT specialist might recommend applying an ear tube for him or her

ENT specialists treat much more than ear and nostril infections

  • Ear infections, running noses and tonsillitis are common reasons parents bring their children to a pediatric ENT specialist.
  • pediatric ENT specialists also treat everything from head and neck issues such as tumours etc
  • They even treat;
  1. Hearing impairment,
  2. Facial fractures,
  3. Food swallowing issues,
  4. Balance based issues, among many more issues.

There are many more reasons than the ones listed above for parents to keep in touch with their pediatric ENT specialist. A better insight given by ENT specialists shall certainly with the healthy growth of children.

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