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23 Weeks in; Your Baby is Now the Size of an Eggplant

6 months, that is how long you have been pregnant if you are 23 weeks into it. The wait is getting shorter as less than 100 days are left for your baby’s birth. Did you know, your baby is now as big as an eggplant?

Baby developments

We know how exciting it must be getting for you now. Here is a sneak peek into your baby’s fetal development this week:

  • Your baby is around 11 inches long from crown to heel and weighs over a pound now, which is basically the same as an eggplant.

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  • The skin is a bit saggy still due to the less amount of fat deposits but it will fill in soon within the next 4 weeks and make your baby plump and chubby.
  • The skin is translucent now with a red hue and that is due to the newly formed arteries and veins.
  • The placenta is highly developed and is helping the baby with oxygen supplements and taking out the waste.
  • Your baby can hear outside sounds well enough now. Even a dog barking too. Though at first only low-pitched sounds are clearer to the baby which means he/she can hear male voices more clearly.

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  • The lungs aren’t fully functional as of yet but they are practising the movements to prepare for later.
  • The punches and the kicks will get much clearer as the movements get much stronger and more frequent with the developing nervous system.

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What can you expect to see in the ultrasound at this stage?

  • Your baby can now survive in the outside world with intensive care
  • Their nostrils are unsealed
  • Your baby possesses the skill for muscular breathing but their lungs need some more time to mature
  • Your baby has fully formed lips now

  • Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, has begun in your baby, and sometimes they can even open their eyes. However, they cannot properly do so until before the seventh month

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  • Your baby’s brain is growing rapidly
  • Your baby’s skin is thicker, with fat accumulating under it

Changes in you and things to do

Here are a few tips to remember for your 23 rd week:

  • Water retention may cause swelling in your ankles, so take care of that as to not cause discomfort.
  • Figure out if you need to hire a trained labour coach to help you with the weeks ahead.

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  • Skin discolouration is common and the hormones are responsible for it. Rest assured they will fade soon after the pregnancy is over.

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