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Whats a baby memory book? Well, you'll know more once your read about it here & the 11 ways to add to the beauty of your child's memorey book

December 3, 2020
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Memories are best cherished when compiled in a book or pictures saved in your drive. Motherhood is a precious gift a woman receives. You want to keep a record from the very first moment of your pregnancy. Pregnancy brings many amazing moments in your life. As your baby is growing it is harder to remember all the special moments you had. Keeping a baby memory book is the best thing you can do to recollect those precious memories of you and your baby.

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Here are 11 ideas to include in your baby memory book:

  • Realising your pregnancy

Start your baby memory book with the moment you realised you are pregnant. You can put a picture of a positive pregnancy test and a picture of you and the father to be. You can write about the reaction to your family and friends after listening to the big news.

  • When the baby first kicked

This column of your book will comprise of the moment your baby 1 st made any movement or kicked for the 1 st time. You can put a picture of your baby bump and write about all your feelings at that precious time of life.

  • The first time you held your baby.

After all your excitement, anxiousness and pain you took, it's time the baby is finally out in your world. That special moment when the first time you saw your baby and held her can be captured and cherished. Paste a picture of you holding your baby for the 1 st time and below write down a beautiful quotation.

  • Your baby coming home.

When you are discharged from the hospital and bringing your baby home for the first time is a very delightful and exciting experience. Now is the time you realise that you are not a couple alone you have become a family.

Write about your feelings and experience. How did you feel? Was it a panicking moment or amusing.

  • Baby’s special bond

It's a time when your baby begins to engage with the world. It is time you and your baby has preferences. Collect pictures of those moments. Write about your baby’s first favourite .was is a toy, pillow or a soft blanket your baby liked ? or it can be a song, your baby paid attention to.

  • Rolling over

Your baby is growing and developing .there are different physical activities your baby will be doing for the first time. Rolling over is the most captivating thing your baby does for the first time. Put any pictures if you have of that moment. Write about the experience you had with the baby.

  • Baby’s first word

This is the most exciting moment when your baby first utters a word. When and what was your baby’s first word. It's usually ma ma or ba ba. Babies learn from what the listen and soon starts to speak. It's very interesting and delightful to hear them speak.

  • Baby’s first solid food

After 6 months of your baby’s life, it is time to give her solid food for the first time. Many of us celebrate this occasion. Capture all those lovely moments of your baby. Write about the experience you and your baby. Was your baby agreeable or unwilling? did your baby grab the spoon and had all the food? How was the taste of food? write it all down.

  • Baby’s first step

When your baby crawls it's amazing to watch. But when your baby starts to take her first step it is monumental. You can put pictures of your baby walking for the first time. It's very fascinating to watch your baby taking her first steps. Write about your experience with your baby.

  • Sleeping through the night

When did your baby first time sleep through the night? It is a thing of joy confusion and thankfulness. As you had been sleeping driven for months and now your life back to normal. Its big change. Write about your feelings, what was it like? Did it actually happen? did it happen again? Write about everything.

  • First connection

The time you felt connected with your baby. Write it down with pictures of you and your baby. It can be about your baby’s first smile or the first time baby’s eyes follow you across the room. All these moments are amusing and beautiful. Write about your special moment when you felt connected to her.

These were a few ideas to include in your baby memory book. You can add more to it and can create a beautiful baby memory book for your little one.

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