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Tips to Help Handle Weakness and Dehydration in School- Goers!

December 3, 2020

With summer around the corner and ever- soaring temperatures, parents are worried about feeding their children healthy nutrients through the day. Do not fret, here are some tips that will help your child smoothly breeze through these hot months!

Tender Coconut water: This nature's gift can provide the hydration and energy for your little one to get through the stressful summer days. Coconut water can make you feel fresh, apart from preventing Urinary Tract Infections, kidney stones, etc.

Oats: A good breakfast of homemade oats can give a steady supply of energy through the day instead of a refined grain meal which can result in an energy crash too soon. Oats can be served tossed with veggies as an upma or khichdi or as porridge with fruits and nuts, or in the making of Dosa/ Idlis too.

Lime: Good old lemonade/ nimbu paani or even a sprinkle of lime in fruits or salads can help give a mini energy push along with a tiny Vitamin-C dose! Add a dash of rock salt and jaggery to this to get essential minerals too!

Curd: This probiotic filled wonder never fails to help us in the hot season. Served either as buttermilk, lassi, fruit yogurts, fruit smoothies, and veggie raitas or even as hung curd dips for homemade stir fries- this one is a daily bet for your child!

Water: The elixir of life. It isn't just simply water that gets this tag- line. Children, like any of us, need adequate water for the day to day activities. Being hydrated can improve their cognitive performance as water interferes with energy levels and overall brain function and focus at school. Packing 1 litre of water in a colourful bottle of your child's choice and another tiny bottle of a beverage like lemonade or aam panna or buttermilk will help hydrate the child at school.

Banana: Quickest fix for anyone in need of a snack or instant energy burst. Pack a banana (any variety- elakki/ robusta/ nendra) for your kid daily in the box. Or Chop them up and use as toppings on pancakes/ French toast/ porridges/ Kheer, puddings & smoothies.

Cooling Fruits: Watermelons, musk- melons, oranges, sweet lime, papaya, all can provide essential vitamins and minerals if packed as a snack for the school going child or on their return from a long drive in the school- bus.

Cool veggies: Vegetables like cucumber, all gourds, zucchini, celery, mint (pudina), dhaniya coriander, all add an element of coolness in any recipe. Use them generously in daily lunches or dinners.

Avoid Caffeine: It is better to refrain from giving caffeine to your child in any form like coffee/ tea/ excess of chocolates- as Caffeine brings a sudden outburst of energy followed by a crash. Also caffeine interferes with the child's calcium absorption. And to add to the issues- caffeine also is a dehydrating agent.

Avoid Junk: Avoid packing excessively oily and salty foods in the snack boxes as it makes their digestion uncomfortable in this season. It is capable of making them sluggish and dull.

So remember to choose smart foods for your kids to help them feel better and stay cool!

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