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Snacking at Work

The moment we utter the word “snack” the mind transforms into a multi choice question with too many food options Fighting for top priority with one over the other, as answers!

SNACK is a very healthy word in the language of nutritionists because SNACK is a part and parcel of a healthy diet regime. The word connotes a snacche, a trap/a bite meaning a hurried or a light meal or rather a quick bite eaten between two meals.

The question is: Is it healthy to snack?

The answer is a big YES.

But, why should you snack?

Definitely not because you are getting bored or because you have quarrelled with someone or your spirits are down or because you are too happy beyond words for reasons unknown….You should snack because:

  1. It accommodates a method for you to bring in healthy food such as a fruit or a salad or a smoothie into your eating plan
  2. It handles your hunger pangs at that point of time helping you to eat just adequately in your subsequent meal
  3. It helps you to think better and perform well since snacking takes care of your low energy levels
  4. It helps you to watch your weight
  5. It makes you feel light on the stomach and bright on the mind!

When we talk of snacking at work, many of us have of a myriad things – how do I make a timetable for snacks, what to choose for a Non-messy cum take-away snack etc., what options to look for a healthy snack, how to make a snack like a takeaway etc.

Thinking aloud, what could be HEALTHY OPTIONS FOR SNACK?

Just give a quick look at the following and if you have more to add, just drop in an e-mail to me as you are more than welcome to do so!

  1. Fresh fruit – try and get the whole fruit – less cumbersome to carry and more easy to eat rather than cutting and taking it, unless it is fruit such as Papaya / Water melon which cannot be consumed – in full. Eating apples and pears that are crisp can be music to your cabin-mate‘s ears.
  2. Fresh Salad – Green Salad – Cucumber, Carrot sticks, Tomato Slices with Lettuce leaves/chopped Basil/Celery etc.
  3. Salad with Sprouts/Fruit and Vegetable combination
  4. A medium bowl of Yoghurt/vegetable gratings mixed with fresh curd. You could keep toppings such as cumin powder, Oregano, Italian seasoning, white salt, black and white pepper, and powders such as jal jeera masala etc.
  5. Soya Chunks or Soya Granules – cooked, mixed with boiled/raw vegetables with lemon or Olive Oil dressing – as Salad/or as a stuffing
  6. Soup – Clear/Thick soups made with vegetables/Chicken/Mutton/Lentils/Dals
  7. Puffed Rice mixed with dry roasted Bengal Gram, Groundnut, grated Carrots, deseeded tomatoes, sprouts, pomegranate pods or with Mint chutney and tossed with salt
  8. A slice of Cheese – low fat version if weight is a criteria of importance. Dumplings of Cheese or Panneer (Cottage Cheese) is a good garnish for any of the vegetable salads too.
  9. A fistful of Nuts and dry fruits – this is an excellent munching snack that gives good exercise to your jaws and your facial muscles as well!
  10. A porridge made with milk and water or made with water and mixed with buttermilk or lentil water
  11. Sprouts – cooked and made into a gravy or a dry version with spices of your palate’s choice
  12. Thick fruit juice. Baked Mushrooms that are generally good source of Vitamin D. This can be mixed with few other veggies, strands of cooked pasta and topped with basil or mint or both


  1. When you have skipped your kickstarting meal of the day – the breakfast – which is an important component of shaping your day from health point of view
  2. For that matter, when you have missed any other major meal in the day
  3. When you feel like vomiting or are affected with minor illness such as acute dehydration or frequent motions, typical tummy upset , fever, altered tastes etc.,
  4. Medically prohibited conditions
  5. During mood swings, depression, after a strong verbal feud or basically when a negative emotion dominates
  6. Your stomach is full and you are actually not hungry

Snacking at work is probably one of the panacea for preventing overweight/obese tendencies. This protocol of snacking could prove opportunistic to probably keep a pre-diabetic scenario at bay. Many a times, staying healthy is what I feel, personally, to be prioritised The clothes in your wardrobe or even for that matter drawing a connection between body size and good health.

Hence, snacking at work is a good habit provided it is non-messy, healthy, timely, quick to eat and Comfortable to digest. Apart from being nutritious and easy for preparation.

I believe in advising foods and food concepts that are Comfortable to digest by the body, Hope you enjoy reading this.

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